When adopting a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, customers have choices when it comes to purchasing and implementing these solutions. After going through the selection process, companies will generally either work directly with the ERP provider to install and implement the system, or they’ll hire a solution provider like ScaleNorth to manage the sales and implementation as well as other aspects of the migration process.

One good reason to explore your options is that solution providers often deliver value that the software developers themselves don’t always offer. NetSuite Solution Providers, for example, are all certified experts in the ERP’s ecosystem. These providers offer a range of services designed to help companies implement and optimize the world’s leading cloud-based ERP.

Certified by NetSuite for their competence in processes like data migrations and implementations, NetSuite Solution Providers offer a broad range of benefits to the companies that they work with. Internally, these providers maintain a complete roster of experts who have detailed knowledge of ERP, and who have been involved with numerous successful implementations.

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Get the Right NetSuite Solution Provider in Your Corner

Here are seven good reasons why you should work with a NetSuite Solution Provider to purchase and implement your new ERP:

1. One throat to choke for all things related to your new ERP.

Here at ScaleNorth, we’re involved from the very first call and will always be your primary contact across all aspects of our relationship. When working directly with a software provider, you may get passed around to different departments, third-party partners, and more. By putting a single provider in your corner, you’ll experience a seamless transition from the NetSuite ERP sales & implementation process straight through to all of the necessary data migrations and customizations.

2. Unbiased opinions and advice on specific options.

While many organizations are best served by using NetSuite ERP’s native capabilities, others might benefit from an integration with third-party tech. Examples may include integrating best of breed ecommerce platforms, field service software, or FP&A technology. Your internal sales rep may be less apt to suggest solutions offered by other software providers, knowing that it just may not be in their best interest. A solution provider, on the other hand, has a broader view of the software market and can offer up unbiased advice regarding third-party applications.

3. Specific configurations and customizations designed for you.

If you work directly with the ERP software provider, you may wind up with a standardized solution that doesn’t necessarily meet your organization’s specific needs which can lead to more work for your team in the long run. Knowing this, we always tell companies to ensure that they’re comparing “apples to apples” in terms of what’s actually included in the scope of the implementation, and if the methodology will work for their specific organizational setup. ScaleNorth can operate outside of the NetSuite ecosphere for integrations, managing pre-migration data on your legacy system and utilizing key tech partners for other software implementations.

4. Longer professional tenures in the software implementation space.

Some ERP sales reps have minimal business experience and even less knowledge related to the unique needs of your specific industry. Top NetSuite Solution providers like ScaleNorth have very experienced teams across all areas of their business—from sales to implementation to ongoing support. As a result, these providers are often much better positioned to advise on process adjustments, best practices, and strategy to help you leverage your new ERP to its fullest extent. We can also advise on any industry-specific pain points as well as regulatory or compliance issues.

5. Direct, real-world experience.

To piggyback on the previous point, while a software developer’s own sales team is comprised of technically-capable individuals, not all of them will have the in-depth industry experience that a solution provider’s team members possess. At ScaleNorth, our staff members have broad industry backgrounds as well as finance and accounting backgrounds (e.g., CPAs and former financial executives). Many of ScaleNorth’s team members were once part of NetSuite’s team, before graduating to more complex roles, assuming more certifications and gaining more business and industry experience. This allows us to serve in an advisory role during the transition, and to be proactive versus reactive.

6. We’re all part of the ERP developer’s ecosystem.

When you purchase NetSuite through a NetSuite Solution Provider like ScaleNorth, your software license comes directly from NetSuite, which means we can’t “add a margin” to that license. You get the same product and pricing as you would from NetSuite. And even though you will be primarily working with ScaleNorth’s team, you’ll also maintain a direct relationship with NetSuite. We are always happy to introduce you to new contacts in case you ever wanted or needed to escalate an issue to them (or, if you simply were interested in meeting them)

7. Fast problem-solving and troubleshooting.

Having an existing relationship with a solution provider will give you quick access to problem resolution and support for any future challenges with your system. As a top NetSuite Solution Provider, ScaleNorth’s team of NetSuite consultants offer ad hoc support services, as well as managed support packages, giving our clients a flexible and tailored support solution.

ScaleNorth: The NetSuite Solution Provider of Choice

As a white glove NetSuite Solution Provider, ScaleNorth is one of the few certified Solution Providers that are also certified NetSuite Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Providers and SuiteCloud Development Network (SDN) Partners. With 1,000+ years of collective NetSuite experience among our consultants, ScaleNorth has vast expertise in practically every industry and will help you successfully navigate the complexities of acquiring, implementing and running your new ERP platform.

If you’re ready to begin your NetSuite journey with a top NetSuite Solution Provider, contact ScaleNorth today.