In this Suite Guide, Senior Functional Consultant Aldamer Orca will discuss how to show the balances per month in the consolidated balance sheet.

To access the balance sheet users can navigate to Reports > Financials > Balance Sheet. Select the subsidiary context of the parent company consolidated and go to the column drop-down. As you can see, the accounting period option is not available. But if I go ahead and select the parent company, and then toggle back to the column drop-down, and the Accounting Period option will now appear on the column drop-down.

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So if I click on refresh, this will show me the balance sheet and reports on a per month or a monthly comparative level. So in order for us to run the reports on the consolidated level, similar to the parent level, you just need to customize the report by clicking the Customize button below.

Showing the Balances per Month in the Consolidated Balance Sheet

Go to the Edit columns portlet and then click on the Financials section. Click on the amount and then on the custom label, we can rename this on the period that we need, for example, January 2022.

And then on the alternate period range type, select relative to today’s date. And then on the alternate period range, click on the custom and then you will have the option to select the period. So for this one, we’ll select January 2022. As soon as we hit preview and select the consolidated level and hit refresh, This will give us the month that we need for January 2022. So you just have to repeat the process during the customization and then select under financials, the Amounts then another amount column here appears just change the custom label to February 2022, and then for Alternate Period Range Type to today’s date and then just select the period to custom and then select February 2022. And then click on Preview or save. So there you have it.

This will allow you to run the report on a per-month or per-period basis.