How to Commit Items to a Sales Order in NetSuite

Today we’re going to talk about committing items to a NetSuite sales order.

Here are some things that you can check:

  1. Is Perform Item Commitment after Transaction Entry disabled?
    • Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Order Management tab > Sales Orders section

Committing to the Sales Orders netsuite

Field Level Help: Clear this box if you do not want NetSuite to automatically allocate items. When you disable this preference, you must manually choose which orders to allocate items to.

2. On the Sales Order record, ensure that the Location is populated.

    • If only the Main Line Location is exposed, ensure that it is populated.
    • If both the Main Line and Item Line Level Locations are shown, the Location on the item line level should be filled out.
    • You may expose the Location field (if not yet shown on the Sales Order record) by customizing the Sales Order form.

Note: If the Intercompany Cross-Subsidiary Fulfillment is enabled, check if the Inventory Location and Inventory Subsidiary fields are populated instead of the Location field.

3. Check the Item record if there is enough available quantity in the Location selected.

4. Check the Location Record if the “Make Inventory Available” checkbox is marked.

5. On the Sales Order record, check the Commit column on the item line level. If the column is set to “Do Not Commit“, the items would not get committed even if there are available quantities.

6. Check if the Item on the Sales Order is linked to a Special Order – Purchase Order or Work Order. Lines marked as special order commit only from the linked transaction. To commit non-special order stock items to an order, those items must be entered on a separate line and not marked as a special order.

  • Special Purchase Orders would only get committed from the quantities received in the Purchase Order, regardless of the availability of the item.
  • The total built quantity in a Special Work Order is entirely dedicated to its originating transaction.

Note: The Location on the Sales Order and the related Purchase Order or Work Order must be the same.

7. Check if the Sales Order line is Closed. A closed Sales Order cannot have committed items. However, there are instances where a sales order is still in the Pending Fulfillment status but one or more lines are marked as closed. Those lines will not get committed.

Wrapping Up

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Melody Cruz is a seasoned professional in NetSuite Functional Consulting with a demonstrated history of working in the ERP software industry. She is highly skilled in Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Management Systems.