Last week, we shared some useful general NetSuite preferences that can improve your NetSuite experience.  In today’s Suite Guide, we’re going to discuss how to determine if a native NetSuite page, Suitelet, or record is scriptable.

Determining if a Native NetSuite Page, Suitelet, or Record is Scriptable

1. Navigate to the page and identify if a script is running.

netsuite scriptable identify if script editable

2. If no script can be identified in the URL then check the Records Browser (link provided below) and see if that record can be found.

    • If the record can be found in the Records Browser then it is scriptable but keep the following in mind.
      • A native Suitelet (Calculate Item Demand Plans for example) likely cannot be scripted/customized/replicated even though the record it produces (Item Demand Plan) may be present in the Records Browser and is therefore scriptable. In this scenario, you could script creation/edits to the Item Demand Plan record, but you would have to develop all the logic to do so from scratch as copying or editing the native Suitelet is not possible.
      • Here’s the full SuiteScript Records Browser

3. If a script is identified in Step 1 then proceed with the following steps

    • Go to Customization > Scripting > Scripts, then open any script in View.

4. Once that page is open replace the script ID in the URL with the ID of the script identified in Step 1.

5. Then check to see if the Script File is editable

    • If not editable then proceed to step 6 as there is one more alternate option.
    • If the script is editable then you can proceed with customization.
netsuite scriptable identify if its editable

6. Copy the script file name from the previous step, paste the script file name into the Global Search, and open the file.

    • See if the file is locked or editable.
    • See if you can download it successfully. You may receive an error that the script is not downloadable.
    • If you can successfully download it then you could copy the script make changes as needed and then create a new/modified Suitelet to replicate the native one.

Wrapping Up

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About the Author

Eli Alano is a Sr. Innovation Consultant at ScaleNorth and a Certified Public Accountant. With a background in finance and technology, she brings strategic thinking and transformative solutions to the team.