Easy Lease Accounting for NetSuite

Reduce Complexity, Lower Costs, and Improve Accuracy with NetLease


Make it easy to execute audit-ready compliance for ASC 842, IFRS 16 and GASB 87 directly in NetSuite!

NetLease supports lease reporting and decision making for all your leases natively within your NetSuite instance.


  • Automated compliance with the latest requirements
  • Automate the accounting of equipment and real estate leases
  • Get automated, audit-ready reporting
  • Manage lease accounting in NetSuite
  • Reduce costly spreadsheet errors
  • Transition to the new standard with one click
  • Eliminate dreaded reconciliations of sub-ledgers
  • 100% built for NetSuite verified native SuiteApp

    NetLease delivers more than just compliance

    NetLease makes lease accounting look easy

    • Configurable dashboard for full visibility.
    • NetLease makes lease accounting look easy.
    • As a Native SuiteApp, no integration is necessary. NetLease appears in NetSuite’s navigation and capably uses all its core functionality.
    • Setup is easy! Businesses with less than 50 leases can be compliant in three days.
    • One-click transition from ASC 840 to 842
    • Flexible reporting provides visibility into your leases throughout the entire lease lifecycle.
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    Efficiently manage the complexities of your leasing business:

    • Easy setup and flexible configuration
    • Powerful lease reporting
    • Push-button reporting
    • Compliant with IFRS 16, ASC 842 and GASB 87 requirements
    • Supports lease reporting and decision making throughout the entire lease lifecycle