Custom Intercompany Cross-Subsidiary Fulfillment

This automation generates an Intercompany Journal Entry to post Intercompany AR and Intercompany Revenue with the following properties:


  • Amount to be used will be based on Transfer Price Method of Item Base Price less Discount.
  • Accounts to be used will be from the specified intercompany accounts on the Custom Record for Intercompany Preferences per Subsidiary.
  • Location on the intercompany journal entry’s AR and Revenue lines will be pulled from the location on the source item fulfillment record.
  • Name for Intercompany AR and Intercompany AP line will be sourced from the Representing Customer/Vendor set on the subsidiary record.
  • Date on Intercompany Journal Entry will be sourced from the Date on the Item Fulfillment.
  • Eliminate checkbox for the journal entry lines is enabled.