NetSuite Advisory Services

ScaleNorth NetSuite Professionals are Certified NetSuite Experts

We have multi-functional expertise in NetSuite, finance, accounting which you can leverage to assist in transactions, special projects, or to fill a temporary or fractional executive or staff position.  Our goal is to help our clients improve their enterprise value.

500+ Years of Collective Accounting & NetSuite Experience

NetSuite Solutions & Financial Advisory Services

Fractional Executives & Staff

ScaleNorth can provide fractional financial executives and temporary staff with expertise in both NetSuite and finance.  We can staff the full stack of finance and NetSuite positions from staff to board level. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquiring or merging companies?  ScaleNorth can quickly integrate companies onto your existing NetSuite platform or a new NetSuite implementation.

Turnarounds/Work Outs

ScaleNorth can help turnaround, work out, and assist accounting firms with NetSuite and related financial work. 

Private Equity & Venture

We have significant experience working with private equity and venture capital firms in all stages of the company life-cycle.  See more details here.


Divesting business lines and assets in companies running NetSuite can be a complex process.  We have experience working with owners and investors to shed assets and create additional value by separating the NetSuite infrastructure. 

Due Diligence

Leverage ScaleNorth to review NetSuite and related processes as part of your due diligence process.  We work alongside your advisors and can assist either a buyer or seller.

Fractional Financial Executives and Staff for NetSuite Clients

ScaleNorth resources have the experience to help on projects or address staffing gaps in your organization.

Leverage our team as your team.  We can help prepare your company for a transaction or simply fill in in gaps.  Our fractional executive program provides you a senior financial executive with NetSuite and real world financial experience.

ScaleNorth Supports Transactions

ScaleNorth works with companies and their professional services providers to evaluate systems infrastructure and do the heavy lifting on integration or separation of NetSuite instances.

We know that transactions only happen on a timely basis.  To move quickly, we leverage our experienced NetSuite and financial team to assess, plan, and execute in conjunction with all parties.  We can also rapidly work to clean up data and accounting books.

ScaleNorth Can Help You Build Enterprise Value

Our primary goal is to enable our clients to leverage their investments in their companies and NetSuite.

Rely on ScaleNorth to drive strategic NetSuite-related projects that enhance your company’s value.  Our unique approach focuses on value creation and crystalizes what needs to get done for successful projects. We realize that every company needs to be prepared to take advantage of an ever-changing world.

NetSuite Advisory FAQS

ScaleNorth was founded to serve clients with the experience we have gained in growing and scaling businesses

We serve companies, investors, and non-profits that run or want to implement NetSuite.

Can ScaleNorth backfill my accounting team?

We can help with any accounting need with NetSuite-based companies or companies looking to move to NetSuite. We provide accounting triage, fractional executives, and other accounting-related services.

Can ScaleNorth help improve my accounting operations?

Leveraging NetSuite, ScaleNorth can help implement accounting automation, re-engineer accounting processes, and increase the quality of the financial statements and key performance metrics.

I run NetSuite and am buying a company, can't I just add another company in NetSuite?

Adding new companies onto an existing NetSuite instance requires some planning, financial knowledge, and data management. We understand multi-company environments and how to integrate a new company quickly with quality.

How can ScaleNorth help preparations for a sale?

ScaleNorth professionals can work with your existing team and professional service providers to assess and remediate any NetSuite and/or accounting issues.  

What role can ScaleNorth play in due dilligence?

ScaleNorth can assess issues in the NetSuite and accounting infrastructure for buyer or seller to uncover hidden issues for the counter party. 

What is the advantage of working with ScaleNorth?

Our approach is both facilitative and prescriptive.  We work with our clients to understand their goals, objectives, and requirements to help drive success.  A large part of that responsibility is sharing our experience and perspective so our clients can avoid the speed bumps or brick walls.

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ScaleNorth is one of the leading NetSuite Advisors in the Nation.  Attention to detail and the customer experience are top of our priority list.  NetSuite is a very powerful business tool, with the right direction you can utilize all that NetSuite Cloud ERP offers.  Combining NetSuite with other tools like Avalara, MSI, Trinet, Celigo and SPS Commerce will set you ahead of your competition.  Contact us today to discuss NetSuite.  

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