How to Setup Dashboards in NetSuite

by | Jul 13, 2023 | Suite Guides

In today’s NetSuite guide, we’re going to discuss how to setup dashboards in NetSuite.

Step-by-Step Guide to NetSuite Dashboard Setup

1. Log in to the role where you wish to setup a dashboard.

2. Navigate to home dashboard.

netsuite dashboard setup 1

3. Click Personalize dropdown to customize the contents of home dashboard. It will show you the available portlets.

netsuite dashboard setup 2

Content available for display in NetSuite dashboard:

  • Analytics
  • Bank Reconciliation Summary
  • Calendar
  • Custom Portlet
  • Custom Search
  • KPI Meter
  • KPI Scorecard
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • List
  • My Login Audit
  • New Release
  • Phone calls
  • Project tasks
  • Quick Add
  • Quick Search
  • RSS/Atom Feed
  • Recent Records
  • Reminders
  • Report Snapshots
  • Search form
  • Settings
  • Shortcuts
  • SMT Links
  • Tasks
  • Trend Graphs

4. Click on a portlet to add it to your NetSuite dashboard.

how to create a dashboard in netsuite3
5. Some of the portlets on the Standard Content are grayed out. Go to the Currently Used section to verify if it’s already added to your dashboard.
how to create a dashboard in netsuite4

6. On some of your dashboard portlets, you can define the data and layout when you click on the Set Up link on the menu at the right side of the title bar.

However, if a portlet does not have a menu with a Set Up link, its data and layouts are not configurable.

how to create a dashboard in netsuite5
7. For instance, when you setup a reminders portlet, you can choose a reminder from the left list or drag it to the Current Selections list.
how setup a reminders in netsuite1

8. Rearrange the order of the reminders or add it as a headline by dragging up and down in the list.

9. Click Save when you’re done. Note that the steps to setup a portlet varies depending on the content of the portlet.

10. Click the refresh icon on the title bar to ensure that it shows the latest data.

how setup a reminders in netsuite2

11. You can also publish your personalized dashboard to other roles if the role you’re currently logged in, and your target roles uses the same Center Type.

For instance, if you setup a Sales Person dashboard, you can publish a personalized dashboard to the roles tied to a Sales Center.

12. From the home dashboard, go to the Settings portlet and click on the Publish Dashboard link.

You must have the ‘Publish Dashboards’ permission to have this option.

netsuite dashboards starter guide1
13. Enter a name for your dashboard.
netsuite dashboards starter guide2
14. Select the role(s) where you wish to publish this dashboard in the Apply to Roles dropdown.
netsuite dashboards starter guide3

15. Mark the Override Existing User’s Settings to override the dashboard layout of all current users. or unmark the checkbox to publish it only to new users assigned to the selected role.

netsuite dashboards starter guide4

16. Go to Apply to Tabs link, select the tab where you will apply the dashboard.

Under the Mode dropdown, select Locked if you won’t want the users to make any change on their dashboard after you publish it.

netsuite dashboards starter guide5

17. Click Save when you’re done setting up your dashboard in NetSuite. Users will have to log out and log back in to see the new dashboard.

That’s it. These are the steps on how to set up dashboards in NetSuite.

Wrapping Up

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