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Why NetSuite for Construction?

NetSuite is the leading cloud based ERP system used by 34,000 companies and organizations worldwide. ScaleNorth’s NetSuite for Construction SuiteApp bundle allows construction companies to:

  • Drive successful projects
  • Collaborate in real time
  • Estimate project profitability
  • Create revenue and cost estimates
  • Easily set up projects using project templates
  • Track all the financial metrics
  • Manage subcontractors
  • Manage work in progress
  • Manage documentation

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NetSuite’s cloud-based solution gives you access to monitor and manage project status anytime, anywhere.

NetSuite for Construction Features:

  • Job Costing
  • Project Management
  • AIA Invoicing & Schedule of Values
  • Retainage – Invoicing & Payables
  • Change Orders
  • Partial Payments
  • Field Inspection & Management integration with MSI Data
  • Document Management
  • Integration with Inventory Management
  • Create and Monitor Detailed Project Level Budgets
  • Advanced Revenue Recognition
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Integrated Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
  • Integration with Payroll Systems for Prevailing Wage compliance
  • Procore NetSuite Integration

Real-Time Project Management Dashboards

  • Improve oversight of your operations, and maintain tighter control of project accounting.
  • Understand the true costs of projects, and get an accurate and detailed view of profitability.
  • Improve productivity and drive efficiencies.
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What Can Our “Construction For NetSuite” ScaleApp Do For You?

AIA Invoicing & Schedule of Values

Easily submit, manage, and control your AIA Invoicing and Schedule of Values with ScaleApp’s Construction for NetSuite app.

  • AIA Invoicing provided by % of completion, milestone billing or setting of quantity on line items
  • Print output for payment and continuation straight out of Invoices or Projects
  • Export an Excel format AIA Invoice providing the ability to manipulate values and format

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Retainage Management

Track and manage retainage throughout the contract lifecycle, so you can ensure you’re paid properly for work completed.

  • Manage unbilled receivables
  • Collect by user preferences at Sales Order, Invoice or Project level
  • Automatically calculates remaining retainage for partial claims
  • Provides AIA output for Retainage claims
  • Set Order or Line level % of Retainage
netsuite retainage automation

Revenue Recognition

Easily navigate the increasingly complex process of revenue recognition. Get better insight into where your revenue is coming from and when.

  • Automatic calculation of Revenue based on chosen Activity Codes. Choose between Labor only or Labor and Materials
  • Uses Project percent complete override via Advanced Revenue Management (ARM)
  • Ability to keep track of Percent Complete Override changes
netsuite revenue recognition app

Change Order Management

Keep project milestones, budget, and resources on track with a centralized change order management hub.

  • Change Orders managed through email and status; Rejection, Request for Modification, or Approval in NetSuite
  • Perform Change Orders through DocuSign routing process and stored in NetSuite
  • Manual overrides available
  • Change Order for AIA output capability
  • Create Change Orders on a Project or Sales Order level

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Procore to NetSuite Integration

  • Accounting accesses real-time Procore data from the field and synchronizes to NetSuite
  • Stay free from costly errors caused by manual double-entry and siloed systems
  • Protect your bottom line with visibility into unforeseen changes
  • Monitor trends and the financial health of projects
Procore to NetSuite Connector data flows

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