NetSuite for Franchises

Manage all your franchise locations with the #1 cloud ERP platform

Why NetSuite for Franchise Businesses?

NetSuite for Franchises: NetSuite helps franchisors make cross-platform, data-driven decisions by leveraging a centralized view of your franchise business with role-based dashboards, reports and KPIs, and consolidation of all location data.

NetSuite is an all encompassing franchise ERP system that gives you access to:

  • Franchise ERP
  • Franchise Management Software
  • Franchise CRM
  • Franchise Accounting Software
  • Franchise Inventory Management
  • Franchise Operations Management
  • Franchise Human Capital Management
  • Franchise Supply Chain Management
  • Franchise Marketing

Let ScaleNorth show you how other franchise companies are successfully using NetSuite to increase their enterprise value.

NetSuite for Franchising Companies

NetSuite allows your central office to handle advanced accounting and finance, HR, operations, sales and marketing, inventory, supply chain and more for all franchise locations, all from a single instance. You’ll be able to seamlessly consolidate your data from all locations allowing for expedited and automated back-office operations.

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Utilizing NetSuite for franchises will increase visibility, improve forecasting and help manage multiple locations all in one cloud based system. You’ll be able to control who sees what at each individual location, and consolidate all data into one report for your corporate operations. With NetSuite, you’ll:

  • Gain visibility over inventory
  • Consolidate multi-location data for easy reporting
  • Operate & manage your workforce easily
  • Instantly convey information to multiple locations
  • Manage CRM quickly and efficiently
  • Gain a 360-degree view of every location & customer

How Can ScaleNorth Help?

ScaleNorth is a premier NetSuite Solutions Provider enabling our clients to leverage the #1 cloud-based ERP system.   We sell, implement, optimize NetSuite, and can even run your accounting functions.

NetSuite Sales & Implementations
With a 100% implementation success rate, and experience with franchisors, ScaleNorth can sell, implement, and tailor NetSuite to perfectly fit your business goals and objectives.

NetSuite Consulting
With hundreds of NetSuite certifications held by our staff, we have the experience and know how to optimize your existing NetSuite instance, manage integrations, and boost your productivity.

NetSuite Accounting (BPO)
With half of our staff holding the CPA credential, we provide everything from basic bookkeeping all the way up to fractional controller services, so your business can focus on what it does best.

NetSuite Works Great On All Franchise Applications

  • NetSuite for Cleaning services
  • NetSuite for Electricians
  • NetSuite for Real Estate Brokers
  • NetSuite for Event planning
  • NetSuite for Children’s Services
  • NetSuite for Pool Maintenance
  • NetSuite for Fast-food Chains
  • NetSuite for Full-service Restaurants
  • NetSuite for Retail Chains
  • NetSuite for Fitness Centers
  • NetSuite for Hotels
  • NetSuite for Food and Beverage
  • NetSuite for Automotive Repair
  • NetSuite for Plumbing Franchises
  • NetSuite for Professional Services
  • NetSuite for Cell Phone Repair Chains
  • NetSuite for Florists
  • NetSuite for Lawn Care

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