NetSuite ERP for Cosmetics, Health, and Beauty

Why is NetSuite the ideal ERP system for health and beauty brands?


Why NetSuite ERP for Personal Care and Cosmetics Companies?

With NetSuite, you can run nearly every aspect of your health and beauty brand including accounting, finance, HR, marketing, CRM, supply chain, ecommerce, and more. Running a cosmetics or beauty business is no easy task, but it becomes easier with NetSuite.

NetSuite lets your brand:

  • Perform advanced finance and accounting
  • Enjoy cross-channel real-time inventory visibility
  • Manage complex supply chains, vendors, suppliers, and distributors
  • Control and streamline warehouse operations
  • Run highly profitable E-commerce stores, or integrate with Shopify
  • Create automated marketing campaigns
  • Have total organizational visibility across all departments
  • Manage thousands of SKUs
  • Operate Internationally and a whole lot more

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    Software Features for Health & Beauty Companies


    NetSuite’s financial capabilities help improve your financial reporting, streamline your accounting department, and decrease manual effort required to run your finance and accounting.


    Avoid stock outs, predict and react to fluctuations in demand, and get rid of cross-channel inventory siloes with real-time inventory tracking and reporting.


    Ramp up omni-channel operations, decrease the order-to-cash timeline, easily manage returns and sales orders, while uniting your sales, accounting, and operations teams.


    Manage complex supply chains, improve scheduling, control costs and scheduling, maintain optimal inventory levels, and streamline warehouse operations.


    Easily manage the sales pipeline, launch breathtaking marketing campaigns, increase average customer value, build brand loyalty, and ignite your omni-channel sales team.


    In person sales are a huge part of any cosmetic business. Collect sales through brick and mortar stores or mobile salesforce personnel while instantly relaying data to the back office.


    Grow a global presence through NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce platform or integrate with Shopify for a user friendly and aesthetically pleasing store that’s open 24/7/365.

    B2B AND B2C

    Manage any sales channels including direct-to-consumer, retail, distributors, or all the above. Easily manage all types of customers and vendors through a single platform.

    Utilizing NetSuite for your health and beauty company allows you to streamline operations, automate routine processes, control the supply chain, scales with ease, and more. From small businesses to Fortune 100’s, you can rest assured that you’ll never outgrow the platform. Plus you can customize NetSuite to perfectly fit your organization allowing you to maximize the ROI from your investment.


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    Efficiently manage the complexities of your health and beauty business:

    • Real-time, cross channel inventory
    • Manage orders from multiple channels
    • Unify the online and in-store experience to satisfy omnichannel customer demand
    • Grants sales associates and customer service representatives with a 360-degree view of the customer
    • Supply chain visibility from components to finished goods
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