NetSuite ERP for Media & Publishing

NetSuite is a complete media lifecycle management system  

Why NetSuite ERP for Media & Publishing Companies?

With NetSuite, you can run nearly every aspect of your media brand including accounting, finance, HR, marketing, CRM, supply chain, operations, and more.

NetSuite lets your brand:

  • Perform advanced finance and accounting
  • Enjoy cross-channel visibility
  • Handle subscription payment models
  • Easily manage customers, subscribers, and advertisers
  • Manage workflows and inventory along with advanced reporting
  • Handle multi-currency and international operations
  • Create automated marketing campaigns
  • Have total organizational visibility across all departments
  • Utilize a world-class CRM system
  • Control relationships with advertisers, affiliates, agencies and more

    NetSuite Manages End-to-End Business Processes in One,
    Unified System.

    Software Features for Media & Publishing Agencies

    Single System

    NetSuite saves you time and money by allowing for nearly every business operation to be handled within a single cloud-based system. Manage marketing, sales, reporting, billing, accounting, finance and more.


    Customer Differentiation

    Manage different customer types and payment models such as advertisers buying space in your publication or monthly/annual subscribers paying for access.


    Order Management

    Manage sales and optimize workflows with CRM and invoice integrations. Improve efficiency of the sales-to-cash process, enjoy real-time analytics, and improve customer service.

    Advanced Reporting

    Closely monitor content performance, as well as division profitability and performance. View subscriptions across properties and manage expenses, share billings forecasts and determine how to invest in each media property to maximize revenue.

    Utilizing NetSuite for your media and publishing company allows you to streamline operations, automate routine processes, scale with ease, and more. From small businesses to Fortune 100’s, you can rest assured that you’ll never outgrow the platform. Plus you can customize NetSuite to perfectly fit your organization allowing you to maximize the ROI from your investment.


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    Efficiently manage the complexities of your media or publishing business:

    • Streamline Operations
    • Accelerate Order Insertion
    • Grow Subscribers
    • Track Advertising Performance

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