NetSuite for Professional Services

#1 ERP for Professional Services Industry

NetSuite is a leading cloud ERP for Professional Services Companies. NetSuite ERP’s Professional Services Automation (PSA), Services Resource Planning (SRP), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions provide powerful business automation for Professional Services firms.

NetSuite PSA is the first cloud solution that unites all of the ERP and professional services automation functionality to meet the business requirements and needs of both product and services companies in one single system. NetSuite PSA allows you to:

  • Automate and manage key aspects of your business, giving you what you need to stay competitive, gain efficiency, deliver quality services and delight your clients.
  • Provide on-the-go services professionals with access real-time business information anywhere, anytime and better collaboration across the organization.
  • Get comprehensive visibility into back-office financials and front-office services operations in one unified ERP system to maximize billable resource utilization and make informed, data-driven, strategic decisions with powerful and insightful business metrics.
  • Provide businesses with real-time visibility, integrated financials, resource optimization and services management from corporate to subsidiaries, down to the individual project level across geographies, currencies and tax jurisdictions.
  • Enable omni-business model billing across the services value chain from fixed fee, to milestone and to time-and-materials.

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As the #1 vendor of cloud-based solutions for professional services organizations, NetSuite’s PSA and SRP software solutions drive high performance in professional services organizations.

Why NetSuite Is Perfect for Professional Services

NetSuite Professional Services

NetSuite offers solutions and software for professional services organizations of all sizes and business needs—from 10 resources to 20,000. Because all NetSuite solutions are run in the cloud, your professional services firm gets support for the way your services teams work today—on the road, between meetings and on-the-fly.

360 Degree Business View

As the world’s leading cloud-ERP, NetSuite’s core ERP is everything you need to manage your business and is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Professional Services Automation

Make your professional services organization more visible, reduce resource waste, streamline billing and invoicing processes, increase project delivery speed and profitability.

Customer Relationship Management

NetSuite enables professional services companies to provide superior customer service by providing a single repository of customer interaction while streamlining and automating sales and marketing efforts.

Services Resources Planning

Enjoy complete visibility and control over your business, its people, and resources. From the moment a new opportunity is identified up to project delivery and revenue recognition.

Why use Professional Services Automation software?

Why use Professional Services Automation software?

Project Management

NetSuite project management capabilities allow project managers and team members to collaborate on projects and maintain current and accurate project status at all times, giving project managers the insight necessary to proactively identify and resolve potential issues.

Resource Management

NetSuite’s resource planning capabilities make it easy to assign the appropriate people to projects and efficiently manage resources allowing you to improve profit margins, optimize billable utilization and boost customer satisfaction.

oracle netsuite resource management help
Manage netsuite sophisticated accounting and revenue recognition

Project Accounting

Manage sophisticated accounting and revenue recognition rules in a single project, and you’ll have all the key progress, financial, and performance indicators in one view.

Timesheet Management

NetSuite’s customizable timesheet feature enables users to quickly and easily capture detailed timesheets, whether in the office or on the road.

customize NetSuite's customizable timesheet
netsuite analytics tips and tricks


Robust reporting and analytical tools give you on-demand access to real-time data, so you can monitor, report and analyze overall project performance in real-time.


NetSuite’s billing and invoicing management software automates one-off invoices and complex recurring, time and project-based billing. NetSuite ERP for professional services industry offers flexible billing options—based on completing project work, achieving project milestones, or according to a schedule of dates.

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how to netsuite expense management

Expense Management

NetSuite Expense Management provides powerful features that help your employees get the most out of their time, maximize their productivity and coordination with a centralized system for expense reporting.

Other Features of NetSuite for Professional Services

Unified Business View

NetSuite offers a complete and unified view of your professional service firm. Whether you operate one location or several field offices with international locations, NetSuite ensures that everyone has access to the data they need when they need it.


The platform’s natively integrated modules remove the need for unreliable third-party integrations, allowing users to complete order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes from one application without reentering or exporting information. ScaleNorth’s consultants can integrate other third-party software as needed.

True Cloud

NetSuite’s cloud-based architecture ensures that data is always available in real time, even when users are working remotely. NetSuite features a multi-tenant, vendor-managed cloud solution with endless room to support growth..

Deep Reporting Capabilities

NetSuite’s extensive reporting capabilities allow professional service businesses to find answers quickly and easily by using its built-in analytics tools. Users can pull reports on everything and anything they may want to measure or understand.

Built-in Flexibility

NetSuite offers a customizable cloud platform that can be tailored to suit the needs of any professional service company, no matter how large or small. Using SuiteCloud apps and tools, professional service organizations can create workflows that best suit both their own corporate structure and their unique processes at any given time or location throughout the world.