NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution

The Best Cloud ERP for Distribution Companies

Why NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution?

Streamline your distribution operations by leveraging NetSuite to run all of your distribution processes.

NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution provides a comprehensive solution even if your company blurs the lines into manufacturing and retailing and allows your organization to engage in industry-leading practices.

NetSuite supports distribution in all industries including building materials, consumer packaged goods, electronics and high-tech, fashion and apparel, fast-growing distributors, food and beverage, furniture and home goods, health and beauty, industrial supply and more!

You’ll be able to:

  • Accept orders via phone, online, direct sales or EDI
  • Leverage supplier and vendor relationships
  • Manage campaigns and marketing automation
  • Get detailed insights with advanced analytics
  • Enjoy a 360-degree view of each and every customer and vendor
  • Manage your supply chain with vendor, customer, and partner portals
  • Simplify and streamline procurement
  • Track inventory movements in real-time
  • Integrate with shipping solutions to reduce costs
  • Utilize mobile warehouse management solutions
  • Close the books faster with accounting automations and workflows
  • Simplify the back-office
  • Build and manage your sales pipeline
  • And much more

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netsuite for wholesale distribution

NetSuite’s Wholesale Distribution Features

Why is NetSuite an industry leader in enterprise software for wholesale distribution? When you implement NetSuite, you’ll can gain access to all of these features and more within a single, cloud-based solution.


Robust finance, accounting, and reporting capabilities that far outpace platforms like QuickBooks.


Robust WMS functionality and analytics to increase inventory turns, boost accuracy, and decrease cycle times.

Supply Chain

Manage relationships with key suppliers and utilize advanced analytics to improve purchasing operations.

Order Processing

Enjoy omnichannel sales including online, brick-and-mortar and EDI with quick and seamless order-to-cash.

Marketing Automation

Email nurtures, lead scoring, and sales force automation to simplify your lead generation efforts.


Manage the sales pipeline, track deals, create sales forecasts and more with robust CRM functionality.

Human Resources

HCM is easy with NetSuite’s payroll, performance management, and workforce management features.

Shipping Integrations

International shipping automation and integration options with key vendors makes shipping a breeze.

Customer Support

Track customer behavior, enable self-service support, and manage returns to boost customer satisfaction.

NetSuite’s Wholesale Distribution Advantage

NetSuite WMS Features

NetSuite Inventory Management Features

NetSuite Work Orders & Assemblies

NetSuite Revenue Management

Companies that leave behind legacy systems, spreadsheets, and pencils for NetSuite’s Warehouse Management and Wholesale Distribution solution can:

  • Confidently utilize a demand-based production model
  • Decrease on-hand inventory levels
  • Decrease overhead costs associated with storage
  • Better utilize their warehouse staff
  • Enjoy more accurate data and forecasting
  • Improve customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries
  • Simplify procurement operations
  • Easily manage shipping, receiving, and personnel schedules
benefits of netsuite for wholesale distribution

NetSuite’s Warehousing & Distribution Modules

What are NetSuite modules? NetSuite’s extreme power and flexibility comes from its individual modules that can be implemented on top of its base ERP offering. They consist of task, department, and business-wide focused features and functions that allow you to tack on what you need without paying for anything not required. Here are some of the Wholesale Distribution and Warehousing specific modules available from NetSuite.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite’s core offering, the ERP, is an all-in-one business management solution that allows businesses to increase efficiency, automate manual processes, gain visibility into their financial and operational health. It scales to accommodate everything from small businesses to global enterprises.

NetSuite CRM

NetSuite’s CRM module allows you to enjoy a single view of your leads, prospects, customers, vendors, businesses partners and more. It gives your sales and marketing teams access to real-time customer data empowering them to create world class customer experiences and generate sales while deploying best-in-class marketing automation practices.

NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Receiving, picking, cycle counting, and processing returns all become simple and efficient with the NetSuite WMS module. With mobile RF barcode scanning, putaway and picking strategies, task management, and cycle count plans, you can rest assured that your warehouse operations are as streamlined as possible.

NetSuite Advanced Inventory

The Inventory Management module consolidates inventory data across all locations and channels, allowing you to optimize inventory levels, avoid stockouts, free up cash, and improve the customer experience. It gives you access to multi-location fulfillment, replenishment and demand forecasting, cycle counting, traceability and more.

NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld allows companies to manage international operations in 27 languages and 190 currencies. Plus, it lets you manage multiple subsidiaries and legal entities all from a single NetSuite ERP instance. It’s the perfect solution for Wholesale Distribution companies with international operations.

NetSuite Advanced Procurement

NetSuite’s Procurement module helps you purchase goods and services efficiently and at the best price available. You’ll empower your employees to source quality good at competitive prices, track purchases and spending, optimize inventory, manage invoices, and control vendor relations.

NetSuite Work Orders & Assemblies

For operations with a manufacturing component, the NetSuite Work Order & Assemblies module streamlines the manufacturing process by letting you easily build complex bills of materials, create work orders, define assembly items, and record assembly builds. Control transfer orders between locations, utilize shop floor controls, calculate accurate COGS and more with NetSuite.

NetSuite Demand Planning

The NetSuite Demand Planning module helps you remove the guesswork from sales forecasting. You’ll be able to forecast sales based on historical demand, seasonality, open opportunities, sales forecasts and more. With the Supply Chain Control Tower, your logistics team will have unparalleled insight that will help you predict and prepare for fluctuations.

NetSuite Makes Inventory Counts Easy

Mobile Scanning

Mobile devices with scanners can improve inventory count accuracy and efficiency by removing manual labor and human error from the equation. Integrations with key warehouse management partners like RF Smart makes this a breeze.

Path Sequencing

NetSuite’s mobile capabilities means warehouse workers can use tablets or other mobile devices for receiving, putaway, picking and packing. With defined stock locations, bin management, intelligent pick & pack strategies, and wave releases your workforce will be more efficient than ever.

Efficient Count Planning

Designing an inventory count based on the physical layout of your warehouse is another contributing factor of efficient counting. With visibility into zone, aisle, shelf, and bin you’ll be able to create a count plan that utilizes your physical warehouse layout to the best of its abilities.


netsuite warehouse management barcode scanning
netsuite wms pick and pack

Recount Management

Discrepancies happen. With NetSuite’s Warehouse Management System, you’ll be able to identify when there’s a mismatch between counted inventory and recorded inventory. Easily generate recounts for these discrepancies so you an ensure your inventory counts are accurate and up to date.

Inventory Count Scheduling

With NetSuite, you can automate the inventory count scheduling and setup reminders for associated team members. Count scheduling can identify which products to count, how often they need to be counted, and who is assigned to the task.

Cycle Counting

NetSuite Smart Count increases the efficiency and accuracy by automating inventory counts without freezing transactions location wide. Smart Count monitors if any changes to inventory occur during the count so that employees can be alerted appropriately.


Complete Guide to Selecting a Warehouse Management System

Now more than ever, warehouse operations are under pressure: How quickly an order can reach the customer is a differentiator, and competitive advantage. Yet hiring and retaining employees is a constant battle. As a result, warehouses must increase output without additional resources.

At the same time, the warehouse is a cost center. Businesses seeking to keep more cash on hand may freeze or even shrink budgets that cover costs for warehouse storage space, handling, and equipment.

Given this reality and with hundreds, or even thousands, of SKUs to manage, likely across multiple locations, inventory management with pen, paper, and spreadsheets is no longer viable…  READ MORE BY DOWNLOADING BELOW.


netsuite guide to the perfect warehouse management

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