NetSuite CPQ Module

About the NetSuite CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) Module

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What is NetSuite CPQ?

NetSuite CPQ enables sales teams to quickly configure, price, and quote (CPQ) products and services with complete accuracy and reliability.

The ability to create 3D product visualizations and automate the generation of sales proposals helps to further enhance and accelerate the sales process.

Sales reps can cut through pricing confusion with detailed product configurations built directly into buyers’ shopping experiences.

NetSuite’s complete CPQ solution leverages enterprise data to increase sales, margins, and profits through intelligent configuration and pricing capabilities.

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Why NetSuite CPQ?

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NetSuite CPQ enables the configuration of services and products in real-time so teams can create accurate orders and quotes with any amount of complexity.  It helps you error-proof your entire quote, order, and production cycle by automatic routine processes that were previously performed manually. Its customizable logic helps prevent errors and streamline operations, while shortening the sales cycle by reducing the time needed to  create quotes and orders for configured products.

Quote and Order Accuracy

With the NetSuite CPQ module, a customizable business logic prevents configuration errors, saving time and money on double-checking and reworking orders.

Drive Efficiency

You’ll be able to automate manual processes to ensure error-free quote, order, and production cycles.

Maximize Resources

Save time and money by eliminating the need for redundant manual processes, enabling your employees to focus on revenue generating activities.

Accelerate Sales

A faster sales cycle can be achieved by the ability to generate quotes and orders for configured products in seconds–not days.

Best NetSuite CPQ Features

NetSuite’s configure, price, quote (CPQ) platform works seamlessly with NetSuite ERP, CRM and e-commerce solutions, providing a solution specifically designed to help internal and external sales reps quote and sell configurable products and services quickly.


Utilize standard pricing data in NetSuite as a starting point, and then apply rules-based pricing based on the options selected as the product or service is configured. Dynamic prices then become available on the quote and the order for the completion of the transaction.

Enable your customers to select product features and options and enable salespeople to apply customizable business rules to ensure the correctness of every configuration.

This will save you money on having to check and rework orders, enabling you to focus on more important tasks.


Make the process of quoting more efficient and e-commerce-like rather than a laborious, manual one. With live quotes sales teams can send interactive emails with quotes to customers with a single-click. Customers can then approve the quote, automatically notifying the sales rep and creating an order in NetSuite.

Lower manufacturing costs and boost shop floor efficiency by creating routings and bills of materials with product-specific logic based on the NetSuite CPQ rules engine.


Guided selling can help your salespeople find the right products and services for the customers’ needs. A series of questions, configured by your team, helps bring clarity to what the customer needs, allowing you to accurately and quickly recommend products and services.

Seamlessly produce proposals that are both accurate and branded. The CPQ Proposal Generator allows your sales reps to easily get customer approvals on proposals utilizing branded templates.

Create 3D, interactive, browser-based product visualizations for your website that enable users to view dynamic, three-dimensional images of custom products. This empowers online buyers and salespeople to see the configured product in 3D before approving the proposal.

NetSuite CPQ provides a unified, native solution for configuring products on your website. It integrates natively with NetSuite SuiteCommerce and can also be integrated with ecommerce systems including Shopify or Magento.

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