NetSuite Quality Management Module

Deliver High Quality Products with Minimal Overhead

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What is NetSuite Quality Management Module?

Enable your business with the ability to deliver high-quality products with minimal overhead costs by inspecting and testing products, reporting problems, and reworking solutions using data fields, standards fields, and rules for easy pass/fail quality inspection.

With NetSuite QMS, you can quickly and easily see what tests to perform, set parameters for evaluating results, and define policies for testing at receiving and during production. NetSuite will automatically tell inspectors what to test and when they should do it–and collect their results. It also executes remediation workflows as required.

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Problems NetSuite Quality Management Solves

netsuite Receiving and In-Process Inspections

High COGs

By implementing NetSuite QMS, your business can lower the cost of goods sold by minimizing reworks and product defects.

Vendors Not Up to Standards

Inspect raw materials and conduct spot checks throughout production to ensure standards are met.

Unsatisfied Customers

Delivering products that meet expectations will minimize returns and increase client satisfaction.

Quality Disparities

Eliminate inconsistency by setting parameters that dictate the way your products are produced.

Top NetSuite QMS Features

Businesses can meet customer and regulatory quality standards using NetSuite QMS by giving your team the tools to improve the quality and reduce the cost of their products by implementing and formalizing quality policies, standards, and practices. This is possible through native features such as inspections, audits, and role assignments.

Test Definitions

NetSuite provides a master list of predefined profiles that specify the type of inspection to be performed, acceptable limits, the inspector’s minimum qualifications, and the inspection category and method.

This enables businesses to enforce standards on inspector credentials, compare data to pass/fail limits, and capture measurements.

Receiving and In-Process Inspections

You can test an item three times: when received, manufactured, and on demand. Defined tests can be attached to an object or operation to ensure compliance with quality-control purposes.

Mobile Data Collection

NetSuite’s tablet interface provides a convenient way to capture and process test data directly from the shop floor or receiving dock.

With the mobile collection interface, quality engineers can efficiently perform inspections, review standards, record outcomes, and submit data for analysis directly from the work area–allowing real-time feedback and instant access to testing outcomes.

NetSuite QMS

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