NetSuite WIP & Routing Module

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NetSuite Work in Process (WIP) and Routing

What is NetSuite WIP & Routing Module?

Give your business greater control over resources and costs by defining a routing for the manufacturing process as well as the resources and estimated time required to complete a project, creating a complete picture of estimations before projects are put into action.

In addition, the NetSuite WIP and Routings module offers built-in reporting and analytics capabilities, making it easy to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

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NetSuite WIP & Routing Features

NetSuite WIP and Routing provides numerous functionalities to its users, such as accurate costing, work center management, a drag-and-drop GANTT style scheduler, infinite capacity scheduling, tracking for work-in-progress costs, and the ability to review and analyze production plans based on actual production times.

Assembly Items

In the NetSuite WIP and Routings module, an item that is manufactured and consumes other components as part of that process is called an Assembly Item. It can optionally be associated with lot numbers or serialized. By selecting one of these options, you can ensure that full traceability is strictly maintained for products that require it.

Location Settings

If your manufacturing process for certain products changes based on the location it is being manufactured, you’ll be able to manage these location settings seamlessly with NetSuite WIP & Routings.

Manufacturing Cost Templates

Knowing the direct and indirect costs of your routing, along with the accounts they should be posted to, is an essential part of running a successful manufacturing business. The NetSuite WIP & Routing Module uses the associated cost template to provide costing for the product every time an operation is completed.

Work Center Management

Easily represent a machine, person, work cell, or department that is involved in the manufacturing process with work centers. This list of work centers is an integral component of the real-time scheduling engine.

Production Routing

After you’ve defined the cost templates and work center, you can setup production routings to represent each step in the manufacturing process. This includes set up and run times, associated work centers, and the cost templates to be used.

Work Order

Creating a Work Order is an optional step in NetSuite. But if your business requires the ability to create a schedule and communicate to production what needs to be made, when it should be made and the components to use in the process, or if you sell a configurable product where there are features and options, then creating a work order is a critical part of the process and is the starting point of implementing a production control system.

Inventory Commitment

Once a Work Order is created, NetSuite can automatically commit the relevant inventory to production for a real-time and accurate view of inventory status.

WIP Issue

The WIP (Work in Process) Issue transaction manually issues materials to the Work Order—and into WIP—as they are consumed. This is especially valuable for manufacturing products that take longer to complete and have several work orders open over month end.

Work Order Completion

NetSuite has a two-step closing process for work orders, with completion and closing. The Work Order Completion transaction has many purposes: recording labor against an operation, recording scrap, issuing materials, and reporting completed products.

Work Order Closing

Work Order Closing allows cost accounting, production, and finance teams to work together and preview the costs that have been applied to each Work Order before committing the costs to the GL.

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