NetSuite Work Order & Assemblies Module

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What is NetSuite’s Work Orders and Assemblies Module?

Support the manufacturing activities of your business by enabling users to quickly define assembly items, create work orders, construct multi-level bills of materials, record assembly builds, and backflush components on a single, unified platform.

What are Work Orders and Assemblies?

NetSuite is configured to support all types of manufacturers, from small businesses to large enterprises. By leveraging NetSuite’s Work Orders and Assemblies Module, organizations can manage simple manufacturing capabilities such as the assembly of products, creating inventory products from raw materials, assembling inventory kits, calculating assembly costs, and compiling materials lists.

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NetSuite Work Order & Assemblies Benefits

The NetSuite Work Order & Assemblies module allows you to manage both Production Order and Special Order assembly build workflows with ease.

Real-Time Two-Way Communication

Standardize production plans, work instructions and real-time costing and communicate information directly to the production floor.

Defined Manufacturing Process

Calculate the resources required to perform a procedure, including the time and expenses involved, quickly and precisely.

Increased Operational Efficiencies

By basing production plans on raw material and assembly item availability, bottlenecks are removed and output is increased.

Top NetSuite Work Order Management Features

NetSuite work order management capabilities help control process workflows, organize and track changes, and increase visibility into the production process. With NetSuite’s Work Order module, you’ll be able to easily define assembly items, create work orders, build a complex multi-level bill of materials (BOMs), record assembly builds, and backflush components. 

Discrete Manufacturing

Whether you’re a small-scale operation or a multinational company, NetSuite can handle any manufacturing operation you might want to incorporate. You’ll be able to work without work orders, backflush materials upon completion, track labor through a routing ticket system and more. From flexible configuration options by location and configurable work order completion logic to enhanced data collection, NetSuite supports it all.

Batch Processing

Combined with NetSuite’s native lot tracking functionality that provides complete end-to-end traceability, every batch is individually processed and tracked. Batch processing functionality supports alternate assets, coproducts, and detailed work instructions for recipe/formulation management. Combined with FIFO material issuance for raw and bulk lot-controlled items as well as Batch Travelers with Batch Lot ID, manufacturers benefit from full lot track traceability and enhanced material issuance control.

Shop Floor Controls

Streamline your production process by prioritizing, tracking, and reporting against production orders and schedules. Collect data and information directly from the floor to evaluate current resource status and labor use. Control how employees, materials, machines, and production time are deployed–and provide instant feedback right to workstations.

Transfer Order Management

NetSuite’s transfer order management allows you to easily move items from one location to another in preparation for assembly. Integrations with external warehouse management systems can leverage this insight to manage data about inventory movement between locations, and transfer orders can initiate item fulfillment and receipt transactions.

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