What is Sales Order in NetSuite?

A sales order is a transaction that records a commitment to sell items or services to a customer. In addition, sales orders have no accounting impact until items are shipped or services are completed. Recording sales orders helps you track the following:

  • What your customer has ordered
  • What must be pulled from inventory
  • What you have already shipped
  • What still remains to be shipped

[The following is a transcription of the video]

You can access NetSuite’s sales order page in different ways.

First, from your Center tabs navigate to the Transaction > Sales > Enter Sales Orders. Or you can go to the Create New icon and select Sales Order.

If you are already on a customer record, hover your mouse over the Create New icon and select Sales Order.

Sales orders accessed via the customer record will have the customer field auto-populated. Once you have the customer selected, enter the date and other required information.

Review your main header if everything has been populated, scroll all the way down, and under the Items sub tab, select the item, enter the quantity, and if the item has no base price enter the rate then click the Add button.

You can add multiple items in one sales order. There are also other sub-tabs that are available such as Shipping and Billing where you can enter the billing terms, billing address, and other information. Once you have reviewed your sales order, click Save. You now have a sales order with pending fulfillment status.

Once a sales order is created, these buttons will now be available:

  • Fulfill button will be used for item fulfillment.
  • Next Bill and Bill remaining is for invoicing.
  • Close Order Button is if you want to close the sales order that’s already canceled.
  • Create Deposit is the button used to create a customer deposit from an advanced payment from your customer.
  • Approve and Reject will be available if there’s an approval process for your sales order.

That’s it, that’s how to create a sales order in NetSuite.

Wrapping Up

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About the Author

Clair Cedenio is a multi-certified NetSuite Implementation Consultant with a passion for optimizing business processes. She joined Oracle NetSuite in 2017 as part of the NetSuite Accounts Payable team. She performed complex troubleshooting and analysis to provide relevant and feasible solutions to customers’ concerns.

Clair holds the NetSuite Administrator, ERP Consultant, SuiteFoundation, and Financial User credentials.