What is Satori Reporting?

Satori Reporting is the first built-for-NetSuite Power BI solution, giving users extremely powerful analytical capabilities directly inside NetSuite.


Why use Satori with NetSuite?

  • Connect directly to NetSuite Saved Searches
  • Use Power BI dashboards directly inside NetSuite
  • Unlimited joins across transactions/records
  • Advanced data analytics and reporting functions
  • Enjoy a library of pre-built reports
  • Get access to a pre-built Azure data warehouse
  • 2 days of Power BI training included
  • Quick and easy implementation
Satori logo NetSuite Power BI
Business intelligence data being graphically represented

ScaleNorth & Satori

SaleNorth Professionals can help you maximize your NetSuite instance by deploying Satori for advanced analytics.

Whether we’re implementing NetSuite for you, or providing your accounting and financial functions, ScaleNorth can utilize Satori to give your organization a detailed look at even its most complex data. From historical data to forecasting, we’ll set your organization up for the transparency it needs to navigate increasingly complex business environments.

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ScaleNorth is one of the leading NetSuite Advisors in the Nation.  Attention to detail and the customer experience are top of our priority list.  NetSuite is a very powerful business tool, with the right direction you can utilize all that NetSuite Cloud ERP offers.  Combining NetSuite with other tools like Avalara, MSI, Trinet, Celigo and SPS Commerce will set you ahead of your competition.  ScaleNorth Advisors are not limited to these softwares, contact us today to discuss implementation of your current software with NetSuite.  

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