Procore to NetSuite Connector

Optimize Your Construction Business

The Procore to NetSuite Connector ScaleApp provides real-time, two-way data flow between Procore and NetSuite.

This app allows you to enjoy all the features of Procore’s construction management platform, with the world’s leading cloud-based ERP, while reducing manual data-entry and improving company wide visibility. The Procore to NetSuite Connector ScaleApp helps your business:

  • Access real-time data from field personnel
  • Prevent costly data-entry errors and data duplication
  • Improve communication between silos and departments
  • Increase visibility of your bottom line
  • Monitor trends, milestones, and project health

Procore and NetSuite are cloud solution leaders in their respective markets.  Most construction companies are built on legacy technology providing an opportunity for a best of breed integrated solution with NetSuite and Procore.

Procore to NetSuite Connector data flows
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ScaleApps are applications built by ScaleNorth to help maximize your NetSuite instance. As certified NetSuite professionals, we help identify functionality gaps for certain industries, then patch over them with NetSuite integrated apps. ScaleApps are available directly on NetSuite’s Marketplace.

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