ScaleApp’s Dunning for NetSuite

Dunning for NetSuite ScaleApp

NetSuite Dunning for NetSuite is the ideal solution for the automation and streamlining of sending dunning letters in support of your invoice collection process. With highly customizable workflows and messaging, you can ensure that your customers are paying on time, keeping their credit card information up to date, and enjoying continuous service. 

    • Dunning Letters: Customize the cadence and verbiage of your dunning letters to perfectly fit your business and it’s customers. Include dynamic fields to auto-populate the customers name, company name, balance due and more.
    • Automations: Sending dunning letters manually is a time consuming process. The NetSuite Dunning ScaleApp automates the initial email when a past-due account reaches a certain age, and has a customizable cadence for all follow up messages until an account is brought current or cancelled.
    • Segmentation: Segment different customer groups and types and setup customized dunning rules for each. Tailor your messaging to each individual segment for optimal effectiveness.

NetSuite dunning letter automation 4

Whether you send out invoices manually, or embrace a subscription billing model, ScaleApp’s Dunning for NetSuite will help your business collect on bad debt, ensure your customers don’t lose access to your services, and streamline your operations.

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ScaleApps are applications built by ScaleNorth to help maximize your NetSuite instance. As certified NetSuite professionals, we help identify functionality gaps for certain industries, then patch over them with NetSuite integrated apps. ScaleApps are available directly on NetSuite’s Marketplace.