ScaleApp’s Dunning for NetSuite

Automated Dunning Letters in NetSuite

ScaleNorth’s Dunning for NetSuite ScaleApp is the ideal solution for the automation and streamlining of sending dunning letters directly from NetSuite

With highly customizable workflows and messaging, you can ensure that your customers are paying on time, keeping their credit card information up to date, and enjoying continuous service.

ScaleNorth’s Dunning for NetSuite solution can automate the collections process, streamline your accounts receivable department, improve customer retention, boost customer satisfaction, and fortify your bottom line.

NetSuite dunning letter automation

What is Dunning?

Dunning is a process that businesses use to collect unpaid debts from their customers. It involves a series of communication attempts with the debtor, typically through letters, emails, or phone calls, in order to request payment and negotiate a repayment plan.

By implementing a dunning process, businesses can ensure that their cash flow remains healthy and that they are able to meet their financial obligations. It is a powerful tool that helps businesses improve their cash flow by automating the process of contacting customers who have overdue payments.

What is The Dunning for NetSuite ScaleApp?

The Dunning for NetSuite ScaleApp by ScaleNorth helps you automate manual processes within your accounts receivable department. The ScaleApp provides businesses with a range of tools and features that allow them to customize the collections process to meet their specific needs.

When client accounts receivable are past due for specified periods, the dunning process is launched. Dunning may be challenging for both customers and businesses because reputation, goodwill, and privacy are all at stake, and the relationship can be easily harmed, causing businesses to lose money as well as customers. By taking an automated and personalized approach, you’ll be able to manage the dunning process efficiently, without error, and with minimal manual work.

NetSuite Dunning ScaleApp Features



You can attach PDF copies of invoices as email attachments, or add previews with clickable links to online invoices.



Edit the verbiage of your dunning letters to fit your business and its clientele, dynamically insert fields such as names or past due amounts and more.



Configure logic to trigger the first and subsequent emails when a past due event occurs, control the cadence, and designate schedules based on the end-users time zone.



Assign different dunning strategies to different customer types and segments, or create different logic and cadences for each customer group type.

Benefits of Automated Dunning Process

Better User Experience

An automated dunning process helps organizations maintain better relations with their customers by making sure that all debts are paid on time. This can lead to a better user experience for the end user and reduces the risk of escalation.

Improve Customer Retention

An effective dunning process can help companies to retain customers who are at risk of churn. By regularly reminding customers about their outstanding balances, companies can proactively manage customer debt and have a chance to soothe over any issues ahead of time with at-risk customers.

Avoid Failed Payments

Involuntary churn is when a customer’s subscription or service is canceled or terminated due to payment failure. Involuntary churn occurs when payment methods expire, decline, or are removed from the account without warning.

ScaleNorth’s automated NetSuite dunning solution can help you reduce the risk of failed payments, minimize involuntary churn and increase customer satisfaction. By regularly sending reminders, companies can encourage customers to update their payment information on time and ensure that no payments slip through the cracks.

Better Customer Communication

By implementing dunning levels, companies can customize the frequency of their customer communication. This helps to ensure that customers receive ample reminders about payment deadlines without being inundated with too many emails or messages. It also allows companies to create different dunning levels that are tailored to the customer’s specific situation, so they can clearly communicate their payment terms and late fees.

Whether you send out invoices manually, or embrace a subscription billing model, ScaleApp’s Dunning for NetSuite will help your business collect on bad debt, ensure your customers don’t lose access to your services, and streamline your operations.

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