scalepay netsuite credit card payments

A Secure, Customizable NetSuite Credit Card Payment Solution

ScalePay is the ideal solution for businesses that accept credit card payments online.

 Enjoy NetSuite credit card payments with lower processing fees, faster funding, real-time reporting, PCI compliance, best-in-class security and more.

Robust Security

Stay PCI compliant and enjoy robust payment security so your business and its customers remain safe online.


Control how and when payments are processed within your organization, manage workflows, and more.


Enjoy all of the benefits while accepting credit card payments via Point-of-Sale, E-commerce, phone orders and more.


Gain total visibility into your organization with real-time payment reporting so you’ll never miss a beat.

Pay Link

Send payment links to customers directly via email, making payments more streamlined than ever before.

eCheck Capable

Collect bank payments with just an account number and routing number, without ACH files or the need to log in.

0% Processing Fee

Get rid of credit card processing fees entirely, allowing your business to make more from every sale, every day.

Easy Reconciliation

Optimize your accounting department with streamlined, or even fully automated card reconciliations.

Cost Effective

By reducing processing fees, your business can save thousands of dollars per year.

Fast Funding

Get access to your money faster than ever before with industry leading funding periods.

No Hidden Fees

With $0 setup fees and $0 gateway fees, you’ll be maximizing your margins on every credit card purchase.

24/7 Support

We take your sales seriously. Get world-class 24/7 support from our technical experts for smooth sailing.

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How Much Can YOU Save With ScalePay?

ScalePay saves you money by reducing the Pass Through Fees and Processing Fees associated with credit card transactions.

Pass Through Fees are related to the cost of doing business between the merchant, the bank, and your business. These can involve flat, variable, or tiered structures.

Processing Fees are the interchange fee to the bank, an assessment fee by the card network (such as Visa or Mastercard), and a payment processor fee to the company that handles the logistics of the payment such as Square or Stripe.

By reducing these fees by a fraction of a percent, ScalePay can save you thousands of dollars per year.

Upload your latest Merchant Fee statement using the adjacent form, and we’ll show you how much you can save with ScalePay.

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    With recent increases in the merchant fee rate, there’s never been a better time to adopt ScalePay as your NetSuite credit card payment solution.

    You can read more about the recent merchant fee increases at the links below: