ScaleNorth LLC Software Support Policies

This Support Policy governs ScaleNorth’s provision of support services to the Customer.
Support and Services are provided for all Customers with a valid Software Agreement.

1. Support request types included in the Software Fee

1.1. “General Questions & Answers (Q&A)” regarding end user features and configuration options. Q&A relating to NetSuite features and third-party applications not related to ScaleNorth Software Programs are excluded from support services.

1.2. “Software Bugs/Defects” notifications are subject to review and depending on the severity (see below). ScaleNorth may opt to provide a workaround or not provide a solution for the bug/defect. Bug/defects may be resolved in future releases of the Software Program at ScaleNorth’s discretion.

1.3. “Feature Requests”. A Feature request is a request by the Customer to add functionality or enhance performance beyond the current specifications of the product. All Feature requests are subject to review and ScaleNorth may not provide a solution for a Feature request.

1.4. “Assisted Upgrade”. ScaleNorth will assist Customers evaluate new features and apply a Software Program upgrade during the Upgrade Window. Customers that decide to upgrade after the Upgrade Window may be charged a Consulting fee. Assisted Upgrade support excludes evaluating and resolving issues related to custom scripting, workflows, third-party application integration and Module Deployment.

1.5. “NetSuite Upgrade Priority Response”. ScaleNorth Software Programs impacted by a NetSuite upgrade will receive priority support during the NetSuite upgrade period.


2. Support requests types and services that may incur additional fees

2.1. “Maintenance” is defined as any support request that results in changes to:
(a) “Configuration File”. The file that contains the Software Program configuration, data mapping and options for enabled features.
(b) “Reports”. NetSuite Reports, Saved Searches, Dashboards or Analytics Workbook.
(c) “Roles”. User Roles and access to forms, records and fields.
(d) “SuiteCloud”. SuiteBuilder (including Advanced PDF/HTML Templates), SuiteScript, SuiteFlow (workflow) or SuiteTalk.

2.2. “Consulting” any support request not covered above including (but not limited to) training, business requirements workshops, ongoing business process improvements, change management, assessing SuiteScript conflicts, assisted upgrade outside of the upgrade window, or third-party integration assistance.

2.3. “Module Deployment”. ScaleNorth will provide a Statement of Work (SOW) detailing services and fees will be provided for any additional Software Program modules that are purchased by the Customer.

2.4. “Additional fees”. Any support request that will incur an additional fee will only be acted on when an approval to proceed in writing is provided by the Customer.

3. Obtaining Support

3.1. Support is provided through online portal, email or phone with email or call back.

3.2. Support hours are defined as the hours during which phone and/or online support is available.
(a) 8am – 5pm U.S. Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7).
(b) Support hours are valid Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

4. Severity Levels

4.1. Severity Levels are assigned to allow prioritization of incoming tickets. ScaleNorth will work with the Customer to assign the appropriate severity level to a ticket according to the Severity Level definitions below. ScaleNorth may reclassify the severity level of a ticket submitted by the Customer.

(a) Urgent Priority
(i) System is down.
(ii) A critical business process is blocked, and there is no reasonable work around.

(b) High Priority
(i) System is severely degraded but still operational.
(ii) A critical business process is performing poorly or has a bug, but there exists a reasonable workaround.
(iii) A non-critical business process is blocked, and there is no reasonable work around.

(c) Normal Priority
(i) System is not performing at peak levels but is still operational.
(ii) A non-critical business process is blocked poorly or has a bug, but there exists a reasonable work around.

(d) Low Priority
(i) A cosmetic change is needed.
(ii) A Feature is requested.
(iii) All test, development, beta, sandbox, and other non-production related issues and requests.

5. Target Response Times
5.1. The table below describes the target repose time from ScaleNorth to the Customer per severity level and Customer Support Plan:

Priority Software Support
First Response Follow Up
Urgent 2h 1d
High 8h 1d
Normal 2d 2d
Low 2d 2d

6. Exceptions to What is Supported

6.1. ScaleNorth will not provide the Customer with support services for
(a) a product without an active and current Software Agreement;
(b) third party applications that are interfering with ScaleNorth product;
(c) any ScaleNorth product or integration that has been modified by an outside party.


7. Customer’s Obligations

7.1. In order for ScaleNorth to provide effective and timely support services, the Customer must provide ScaleNorth with the following required information:
(a) Active, working credentials to the ScaleNorth product and, where applicable, the third-party applications being integrated,
(b) Steps to reproduce the problem, expected results and actual results,
(c) Links to records that contain error messages and/or are in an invalid state,
(d) Screenshots and/or video representations of the problem are optional and extremely helpful,
(e) Provide a NetSuite administrator login for ScaleNorth exclusive use.

8. Upgrade Window

8.1. ScaleNorth may periodically release a Software Program upgrade to resolve defects, provide Features or depreciate features.
8.2. As part of an upgrade announcement an “Upgrade Window” period of no less than 4 weeks will be communicated in which Customers covered by a valid Software Agreement can utilize Assisted Upgrade support.
8.3. The Upgrade Window may be extended for specific Customers if agreed by ScaleNorth in writing.
8.4. Customers seeking assistance with upgrades after the Upgrade Window will be charged Consulting services.


9. Supported Version

9.1. Product versions are expressed as x.y.z where x is the major version, y is the minor version and z is the patch version.

9.2. Major releases occur approximately once a year with minor releases occurring approximately every 3 months.

9.3. Versions that are more than two minor versions old are deemed “out of support”. ScaleNorth may not be able to support Customers that are on an out of support version.

9.4. To enable support services Customers must upgrade to a supported version of the product.