Zoom Phone NetSuite Integration

Integrate Zoom Phone with NetSuite for Seamless
Outbound & Inbound Call Management

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Utilizing both Zoom Phone and NetSuite? ScaleNorth’s NetSuite developers built a custom integration between NetSuite and Zoom, enabling you to make one-click phone calls directly from NetSuite, and quickly locate relevant contact records in NetSuite when receiving an incoming call.

NetSuite Zoom Phone Integration Features

One-Click Outbound Calls

When viewing a contact in NetSuite, simply click the contact’s phone number. The Zoom phone window will pop up and begin dialing.

Seamless Activity Tracking

Calls made or received via this integration will automatically open the “Phone Call” record which you can use to record information about the call and update the Last Sales Activity Date (LSAD) field.

Contact Lookup

When receiving an inbound call via Zoom, NetSuite will instantly search and retrieve a matching contact number in the system and open the relevant record for a seamless user experience.

Quick Customer Creation

If the number is not in the system already, you’ll be given the option of creating a new customer record or updating an existing record. The contact information will auto-populate for swift creation.

Duplicate Management

When receiving an inbound call, if your NetSuite instance has multiple records with the same phone number, you’ll be able to select which contact record you’d like to visit.

Internal Caller Recognition

When receiving a call from an internal phone number, such as one of your team members, the system will bypass the call and will not open the contact record in NetSuite.

NetSuite Zoom Phone Integration Benefits

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Boosted Efficiency & Accuracy

Your sales and operations teams will be able to get prospects, vendors, and key partners on the line faster than ever before. Remove manual dialing and mistypes from the equation, with an easy click-to-call user experience.

Improved Sales Experience

When your prospects or partners call in, you can avoid wasting precious time by instantly pulling up their record. This allows your team members to have access to detailed information about the caller in real time.

Get Your Zoom Phone NetSuite Integration Setup Today

With the Zoom Phone NetSuite Integration by ScaleNorth, you’ll be able to enjoy the full power of Zoom’s leading VoIP system directly from the world’s leading cloud-ERP system. Enable your sales and operations staff to communicate faster and more effectively than ever before with this easy to install and simple to use solution.

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