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In today’s video, I will be sharing a high-level guide on customizing the advanced PDF template. To start go to customization, forms, Advanced PDF or HTML templates.

In this page, you can select what specific advanced PDF you would like to customize. For example, let’s customize the invoice template. In the advanced PDF or HTML template page, we have two sections, the New Element and the Styles section.

In the New Element it allows you to add elements such as fields, text boxes, images, tables, and other elements that you can explore. While in the Styles section it allows you to format the text and tables inside the advanced PDF template.

Now let’s start to customize the advanced PDF template.

If, for example, you would like to add a new table. For you to do that just go to the New Element section and click the table icon. In the table properties you could add rows and columns, you can also customize the width and height of the table. You can also add some headers. You could customize the cell spacing, the cell padding, the border size and also the alignment of the table. And after that just click ‘ok’. And as you can see we have already added a new table.

If you would like to add text for the header of this table, you could just directly type it in the cell. So in the cell for example you would like to add the memo field, just go to the New Element, click the plus icon, and type ‘memo’.

Select that field and as you can see, it already added the memo field. If you would like to format the memo field here you could just do it by using the shortcut keys in your computer or laptop, so for example I would like to cut this and paste it to this other field. Just click ‘Ctrl X’ and go to this field and click ‘Ctrl V’. If you would like to make this field bold, just highlight the field and click ‘Ctrl B’. If you would also like it to be italic, just click ‘Ctrl I’.

If you would like to delete cells, add rows, and add more columns, you could just directly go to the cell that you would like to add, right click your mouse, select other formatting and select insert cells, merge, or split cells. There are also insert rows and delete rows, and insert columns and delete columns options.

If you want to delete this column, just right click, go to the columns formatting, then delete columns.

So for now this is all that we’ve got in there, and now we have a new Advanced PDF template.