Shopify to NetSuite Integration

Powering roughly 2,000,000 businesses across the globe, Shopify is a front-runner in the e-commerce space. With countless templates, plugins, and back-end apps, the platform allows you to run a successful online business with ease.

The pandemic has served as a catalyst for e-commerce, and countless businesses have switched to either a hybrid model of e-commerce,  traditional distribution or brick-and-mortar stores, or just switching entirely to e-commerce. In fact, online sales increased over 30% year-over-year in 2020 alone.

Shopify to NetSuite integration helps ecommerce businesses scale.

While  the e-commerce sector is enjoying rapid growth, it brings a new set of problems. As businesses scale, they need to look for solutions to help them manage the increasing complexity of their financials, operations, warehousing, sales, and more. 

That’s where the world’s #1 cloud-ERP comes into play.

NetSuite provides businesses with a single solution to handle their ERP, accounting, CRM, inventory, and more. With both Shopify and NetSuite leading their respective industries, it’s no surprise why so many successful companies choose to integrate the two platforms to maximize their ROI. If you’re curious how your business can benefit from a NetSuite Shopify integration, you’ve come to the right place.

Order Syncing

If you’re using Shopify, e-commerce is your bread and butter. Some of the biggest headaches that online shoppers cite are fulfillment time and order accuracy. Through a Shopify NetSuite integration, you can seamlessly integrate your orders between the two platforms, allowing for quick and precise fulfillment, visibility into order details, view order edits, and more. New and existing Shopify customers will be instantly synced into NetSuite allowing you to provide up-to-date customer service, create more targeted marketing campaigns and segmentations, and improve the overall customer experience.

Inventory Management

Hell hath no fury like a Shopify customer who places an order, only to learn that what they purchased is out of stock. Through NetSuite, you can automatically sync inventory levels and existing orders, to ensure that you’re never selling a product that is off the shelves. Plus, through NetSuite’s powerful inventory tools you can use historical data to forecast future demand, allowing your business to handle seasonal and annual fluctuations with ease.

Cash Flow Management

With a Shopify NetSuite integration you can automatically access your Shopify payout reports. Being able to quickly and accurately identify payouts improves cash flow management and helps identify any discrepancies.

A business accepts POS transaction with a Shopify to NetSuite integration.

Real-Time POS

Not just an e-comm business? We’ve got your back. More businesses than ever are adopting a hybrid model of both e-commerce and point-of-sale. With an omni-channel approach, successful integration of all involved systems is essential for accurate accounting and sales forecasting. Linking Shopify to NetSuite allows for real-time syncing between your POS orders and NetSuite, improving your inventory management and allowing you to monitor all sales from a central hub.

Effortless Product Listings

As the world’s #1 cloud-based ERP, NetSuite is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to business intelligence. Combining accounting software, CRM, inventory management, forecasting, and more, NetSuite empowers businesses to make smart decisions regarding their products and pricing. Luckily for you, you can edit product pricing and details directly from NetSuite, and it will automatically sync with Shopify. Manage listings, edit pricing, control visibility and more all through your NetSuite instance.

Payment Reconciliation

Successful Shopify stores can post thousands of transactions per day. When you factor in failed payments, returns, and cancellations, there is a trove of payment information needed to be tracked. ScaleNorth can help create a seamless integration between Shopify and NetSuite that allows for bulk payment reconciliation and credit card batching. This process can drastically reduce the manual labor required by your accounting team while reducing the potential for errors.

Why is ScaleNorth the Ideal Shopify to NetSuite Integration Partner?

If using Shopify, you’re likely aware that system integrations are essential for creating automated processes and reducing manual labor. Celigo, a ScaleNorth Partner, excels in integrating software and platforms like Shopify with NetSuite. Many of our consultants have advanced Celigo certifications, and a proven track record of using the platform to integrate a variety of systems with NetSuite. Celigo’s out-of-the-box solution can provide an incredibly helpful list of automations, data flows, and integrations between the two platforms. However, we understand that every business is unique, and further customizations may be required for you to maximize your NetSuite instance. ScaleNorth can help your business integrate Shopify with NetSuite using Celigo, then take the integration a step further with unique customizations to close any gaps you may have.

Constrained on time? We’ve got you covered. We’ve had clients inform us they planned on going live on Shopify within a week. Our team of integration experts had their Shopify and NetSuite instances integrated by week’s end, allowing them to hit the ground running with their new e-commerce store.

Interested in Connecting Shopify to NetSuite?

If you’re ready to unlock the full power of your e-commerce business, pairing the #1 e-commerce platform with the #1 cloud ERP just plain makes sense. Improve inventory management, create a centralized hub for reporting and metrics, make better sales decisions and more all through the integration of these two powerful platforms.

If you currently have both Shopify and NetSuite, contact us today to learn how we can integrate the two platforms for you, and optimize your NetSuite instance to set your business up for success.

Currently Using Shopify but not NetSuite?

As Premier NetSuite Partners, ScaleNorth specializes in NetSuite sales, implementations, customizations, and integrations. Our team of certified NetSuite professionals and CPAs are available to help you implement NetSuite and get it optimized specifically for your business. We also offer BPO and accounting services, so you can outsource your financials to a dedicated team of NetSuite professionals for the same cost or less of hiring in-house.

Interested in getting setup with NetSuite? Check out our implementations page for more!