Ultimate NetSuite Solution Provider Guide for 2023

by | Mar 8, 2023 | NetSuite

Interested in implementing NetSuite or getting support for your existing NetSuite instance? Chances are, you’ll need to hire a NetSuite Solution Provider to assist you in your ERP journey.

As a top NetSuite Solution Provider, ScaleNorth has put together a guide with everything you need to know about certified Solution Providers, and how they can help your business scale to new heights with the world’s leading cloud-based ERP system.

What is a NetSuite Solution Provider?

NetSuite Solution Providers are certified experts in the NetSuite ecosystem. They offer a range of services to help you implement and optimize the world’s leading cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software. Solution Providers are certified by NetSuite to be competent in various NetSuite processes such as sales & implementations, NetSuite optimizations, support and more.

When purchasing NetSuite, you may choose to purchase your licenses directly from a NetSuite Solution provider, who can then implement the system for your business and tailor it to your operational needs.  NetSuite Solution Providers like ScaleNorth will work closely with your business to understand your underlying strategies, processes, and goals so that you can get the most possible ROI out of the relationship.

Many NetSuite Solution Providers also provide ongoing NetSuite support post go-live, and act as a long-term partner for your strategic success in the cloud.

ScaleNorth’s Advantage

ScaleNorth is a white-glove NetSuite Solution Provider that offers far more than your typical provider. We are one of the few certified Solution Providers that are also certified NetSuite Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Providers and SuiteCloud Development Network (SDN) Partners.

What do NetSuite Solution Providers Do?

While every provider is different, there are some core offerings shared amongst them. Here are the top services that NetSuite Solution Providers offer:

1.  NetSuite Sales & Licensing: You can purchase your NetSuite licenses directly from a Solution Provider, for the same price and features as going through NetSuite’s direct team. Buying from your provider allows for a seamless transition from the licensing to the implementation stage.

2. Implementations: NetSuite implementations are not something you want to take on in-house. These require dedicated professionals to plan and execute. Solution Providers implement NetSuite with ensuring a seamless transition from the old system to the new.

3. Optimizations & Customization: NetSuite will need to be tailored to fit your business processes and requirements. Solution Providers will customize the system to your requirements pre-go-live and provide optimization services post go-live.

4. Development: Apart from basic customizations, some NetSuite Solution Providers offer NetSuite development services such as SuiteScript, SuiteCloud Development Framework, SuiteQL and more.

5. Support: After going live on NetSuite, you’ll want a trusted partner to assist with general admin support. Most NetSuite Solution Providers offer some form of post go-live support to keep you up and running.

How to Choose a NetSuite Solution Provider?

Selecting a NetSuite Solution Provider is something you want to get right the first time. The success (or failure) of your NetSuite instance will depend on the partner you choose. Getting it wrong can be costly, and will often mean that you have to hire a more adept provider to clean up the faults in your NetSuite instance before they can even begin to focus on true optimizations.

Here are 9 items to watch for when choosing the right NetSuite Solution Provider:

1. Experience: You’ll need a Solution Provider who has seen and done it all. NetSuite implementations are extremely complex projects, so you don’t want to trust the success of your business in the hands of an unexperienced partner. Further, every NetSuite implementation is unique, so using a partner who can prepare for the unexpected, plan accordingly, and remain agile is essential.

2. Social Proof: Piggybacking on the experience bullet point, you’ll want a NetSuite Solution Provider who can prove their expertise through references and testimonials. A proven track record of success is a good indicator for the success of your own project.

3. Industry Specialization & SMEs: Whether you’re in professional services or biotech, having a NetSuite Solution Provider that knows the ins and outs of your industry specific strategies, regulations, challenges and more is essential.

4. Technical Capabilities: NetSuite will need to be tailored to your unique business. You’ll want a team that is not only adept at standard customizations but is also well-versed in NetSuite development. Having experts in SuiteScript, SuiteFlowSuiteTalk and others will help you maximize the ROI of your NetSuite instance.

5. Accounting & Finance Experience: Being tech savvy isn’t enough by itself; Your NetSuite Solution Provider should also consist of accounting & finance professionals. Experts such as CPAs are not only better suited for migrating your legacy data but can better configure NetSuite to fit your financial strategies while providing advisory support along the way.

6. Support Offerings: What happens post go-live? If you don’t have a support plan in place, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Utilizing a provider that offers ongoing managed support or ad hoc services post go-live means your NetSuite instance will never skip a beat.

7. Project Management Capabilities: With ERP implementations typically spanning a few months or more, you’ll want a trusted partner that can manage multiple moving parts and resources for extended periods of time. The top NetSuite Solution Providers will have dedicated project managers to support your entire journey.

8. Integration Readiness: Depending on your business and industry, you might have 1 or more essential pieces of software that you’ll want integrated with NetSuite. That way, you can reduce the manual labor, data entry, and errors involved with maintaining multiple databases. Make sure your NetSuite Solution Provider has experience with custom integrations as well as pre-built integrations via iPaas platforms such as Celigo.

9. Partner Ecosystem: Your ideal NetSuite Solution Provider will have a network of technology partners to help you unleash the full power of NetSuite. Your provider will be able to recommend and implement complimentary software to help you get the most out of your investment.

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ScaleNorth’s Advantage

With 1,000+ years of collective NetSuite experience amongst our consultants at the time of writing, ScaleNorth is extremely knowledgeable of the NetSuite platform. Our hundreds of NetSuite consultants have vast expertise in practically every industry and can serve as subject matter experts on the challenges and strategies of your organization.

Roughly 50% of ScaleNorth’s staff hold the CPA credentials, so our consultants have deep understanding of accounting, finance, and business strategy. We configure your NetSuite instance in a way that fits your organizational goals while giving you visibility into KPIs.

Team Members

NetSuite Certifications Held by Staff


% of Staff with CPAs

Years of Collective NetSuite Experience

Average Years of NetSuite Experience

Our NetSuite consulting team offers post go live support in the form of Managed Support Packages as well as ad hoc services for one-off projects. Our more technical consultants are experts in NetSuite development, integrations, and automations.

We boast a robust network of hand-picked technology partners to help give you the tools you need to succeed.

Do I Need a NetSuite Solution Provider?

If your business is going to adopt NetSuite, and does not have an internal team of certified NetSuite experts, you will need a Solution Provider. At ScaleNorth, we often see businesses utilize their internal IT department to implement NetSuite, only to discover mid-project that they are in over their heads. At this point, they seek out assistance to get the implementation back on track. However, this leads to a much more costly implementation, as the experts will need to assist how everything has been configured thus far, put together a new rescue plan, then execute the implementation plan. Apart from their technical know-how, your NetSuite Implementation Partner will be able to advise on best practices for configuration so you can optimize your business processes and operations.

Can You Purchase NetSuite from a Solution Provider?

Yes, NetSuite Solution Providers like ScaleNorth are authorized to handle the sales and licensing of NetSuite. Solution Providers can get you the same package at the same price point as buying directly from NetSuite. They’ll work with NetSuite’s internal team when configuring your licensing, and can utilize their know-how to get you the right package for your business.

What Does a NetSuite Solution Provider Cost?

The cost of a NetSuite Solution Provider depends on numerous factors such as the size and scope of the project in mind and the experience of the provider. You’ll want to make sure that you receive a quote for the project before signing any contracts, and keep in mind that the cheapest option is rarely cheaper long-term. Companies that try to cut corners by going with the budget-friendly provider often find themselves hiring the true experts later on to remedy the problems caused by the less experienced consultants.

Investing in a NetSuite Solution Provider means investing in the overall success of your business. Rather than looking at upfront costs, it’s important to assess the value and long-term benefits that a successful NetSuite implementation and trusted business partner will bring you.

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