What is Vena Solutions?

  • Streamline Budget Processes
  • Drive Strategic Planning
  • Produce Accurate Forecasts
  • Create Dashboards & Reports
  • Integrate Financial Data
  • Automate Regulatory Reporting

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Why use Vena Solutions Software?

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Vena’s FP&A Platform (Financial Planning & Analysis) takes the complexity out of finance process management so you can make better, faster decisions and quickly respond to change.

Vena automates your finance processes so that you can produce accurate budgets, faster. And your team won’t need to give up the familiarity of Microsoft Excel to improve the quality of your financial data. Sign up and try Vena for free!

“Vena turns Microsoft Excel into an enterprise-class business solution with features including a centralized database, workflow, version control, a detailed audit trail, and full integration with NetSuite.”

– NetSuite

Top Reasons to Use Vena:

  • Automate your processes and slash your budget cycle times.
  • Allows you to keep using your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Optimizes data integrity across your budgets and plans.
  • Drive smarter, faster, and more strategic revenue planning.
  • Improve the quality of your forecasts.
  • Automate your forecasting and get actionable insights faster.
  • Eliminate manual closing tasks.
  • Gain complete visibility into your account reconciliation workflows.
  • Automate the flow of data and eliminate the bottlenecks.
  • Eliminate version control issues and always work with the latest numbers.
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Create Powerful Dashboards


netsuite vs quickbooks vs excel
  • Easily create and share decision-ready reports with your team.
  • Power up with Power BI and deliver stunning reports to any device.
  • Perform ad hoc reporting from within Microsoft Excel.
  • Vena removes the manual steps from your reporting processes.
  • Vena pulls information from a centralized database so that you can analyze it in real time.
  • Integrate Vena with PowerBI
  • Build stunning reports with Vena’s report builder
  • Integrates easy with microsoft excel reporting

Learn more about how Vena helps businesses improve their financial planning
and analysis by checking out their case study on the NFL team the Arizona Cardinals.

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