NetSuite is an incredibly powerful platform with near-endless functionality. Apart from being a world-class accounting and finance platform, NetSuite includes CRM, marketing, sales, human resources, supply chain, and a number of other features that turn it into a powerhouse. While this incredible collection of features contribute to NetSuite’s value proposition, it can be an intimidating platform for some. Because of this, NetSuite users often look for help from outside NetSuite ERP consultants to truly maximize their ROI. When NetSuite is properly implemented and optimized for your business, it allows you to efficiently run nearly every aspect of your business and scale at speed.

What is a NetSuite ERP consultant?

NetSuite ERP consultants are technical experts that likely hold one or more advanced NetSuite certifications. They range from independent consultants to SMBs that consist of entire teams of consultants. Because of the technical manner of NetSuite, consultants likely come from an IT or NetSuite administration background.

Using their advanced certifications, they help implement, optimize, and integrate your NetSuite instance.

How do ERP consultants help your business?

With NetSuite being an incredibly powerful platform, you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t optimize it to its full potential. Some key optimizations include accounting automation, integrations with your existing tech stack, reports and dashboards, saved searches, custom fields, and more.

These result in less manual labor, fewer errors from data entry, decreased overhead, improved budgeting and forecasting, better financial management and more.

Signs you need some outside help.

If you have (or plan on implementing) NetSuite, and don’t have a dedicated in-house team of certified NetSuite experts, there’s a good chance you’re in need of a NetSuite ERP consultant. If you purchased NetSuite directly from Oracle, they may have helped you implement your instance, but the buck stops there. Simply getting NetSuite implemented is only a small portion of truly getting your business optimized.

If you’re having issues integrating NetSuite with your existing technology stack, suffering from needing duplicate data entry in multiple systems, spending too much time managing your accounting, or not getting all the visibility or power you need out of NetSuite, it’s time to look for a consultant.

If you haven’t purchased NetSuite yet, we encourage you to purchase your licenses through a NetSuite Solutions Provider like ScaleNorth. If you purchase through NetSuite, once they finish implementing your instance there will have to be a handoff to your new consultants. During this handoff phase, there’s a lot of room for confusion, error, and duplicated efforts. When you purchase through ScaleNorth, there’s a smooth transition between the implementation and optimization phases.

Furthermore, Solution Providers can work outside of the NetSuite platform, meaning we can help install and optimize any third-party add-ons that you need. ScaleNorth has a handful of partners we currently work with, so our clients get access to a library of add-ons ranging from supply chain management to tax compliance, and everything in between.

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What to look for in a NetSuite ERP consultant?

When it comes to hiring a NetSuite consultant, you don’t want to cut corners. After you’ve made a major financial commitment to installing NetSuite, the last thing you want is to trust the optimization process with an amateur.

Fortunately, there’s a number of key metrics you can look for when hiring. For starters, you’ll want them to have advanced NetSuite certifications earned through experience. NetSuite certifications are delivered directly from Oracle NetSuite, and prove a high level of competence in key areas.

Some common NetSuite ERP consultant certifications include:

  • Advanced Revenue Management
  • Administrator
  • ERP Consultant
  • Financial User
  • Multi-Book Authorized
  • SuiteAnalytics User
  • SuiteCloud Developer (I, II)
  • SuiteCommerce Developer
  • SuiteFoundation

It will be beneficial if they have financial expertise, as they’ll be closely entwined with your accounting and financial data. CPA certifications are an added bonus.

Lastly, you’ll want a consultant that has real-world business experience. This goes beyond just their expertise with NetSuite. When your consultants understand business strategy, they’ll be in a better position to translate your company’s business objectives into optimizing NetSuite.

The vast number of certifications available and the broad reaching features inside of NetSuite makes it unlikely that a single consultant will have expertise in every area. That’s why you’re best off hiring a consultancy firm rather than a freelancer. Firms like ScaleNorth employ entire teams of experts, each with their own unique skill sets. This type of team makeup gives your organization the 360-degree help it needs.

What to expect when hiring a consultant?

First, you’ll want to have an idea in mind of what you’re trying to accomplish. You might have a list of specific tasks you want completed, but also come prepared with some high level goals. There might be solutions and fixes that you didn’t even think about that an experienced consultant can identify.

Once you’ve started the conversation with an experienced consultant, you’ll enter the discovery phase. The consultant will gather your list of requirements, describe the proposed solutions/changes, and provide an estimate as to the number of hours required to complete the project.

Be sure to ask about their credentials and past project success to get a good understanding of their abilities.

As with any large-scale technology project, be prepared to sign a contract regarding the scope of the project, service level agreements, and payment terms. While some businesses find these contracts a burdensome process, they’re made to protect both parties in the transaction. If you find your consultant didn’t deliver on a certain portion of the project, you’re equipped with a signed contract to back it up.

Is hiring a NetSuite ERP consultant worth it?

The short answer is yes. NetSuite is an incredibly powerful tool which can directly lead to the success of your business. Having access to integrated accounting, CRM, marketing, sales, business intelligence and more gives you the ability to effectively run your business, stay ahead of the competition, and plan for the future. If you’ve made the choice to invest in NetSuite, it’s best if you’re getting the most out of the platform. NetSuite ERP consultants can help you achieve just that.

However, as stated above, you need to make sure that the NetSuite ERP consultants you hire are competent and experienced. Be sure to do your research, ask about certifications and past experience, and don’t cut corners when it comes to cost.

Bringing in NetSuite ERP consultants to maximize your instance can provide a very high level of ROI for your business for years to come.

At ScaleNorth, we’ve helped countless businesses like yours implement, optimize, and integrate NetSuite so they can run their operations as efficiently and effectively as possible. You can learn more about our NetSuite implementation services by clicking here.