Your Guide to NetSuite Rescue & Recovery for 2023

by | Mar 28, 2023 | NetSuite, Triage

So your NetSuite implementation didn’t go as planned…now what? Unfortunately, failed NetSuite implementations do occur (as with any ERP system), and they can be costly and difficult situations to dig out from.

There are a variety of reasons why your NetSuite implementation failed, such as trying to do the implementation in-house, hiring a “budget” consulting firm, or a litany of unforeseen circumstances that made themselves apparent along the way.

Regardless of the cause, you need a NetSuite recovery and you need it quick.

As a top NetSuite implementation partner, ScaleNorth is often approached by companies who are experiencing a failed implementation and need our experts to get them back on track. We’ve put together a brief overview of the NetSuite rescue process below.

First, What is a NetSuite Rescue?

A NetSuite Rescue (also known as NetSuite Recovery or NetSuite Reimplementation) is the process of getting a struggling NetSuite implementation back on track, typically by hiring an experienced NetSuite Solution Provider. Some of the common issues that companies seek to fix during a rescue mission include poor configuration, incomplete data migration, lacking system performance, subpar user adoption and more.

In short, NetSuite Rescues help businesses maximize the ROI of their NetSuite instance, while ensuring that the system is optimized and utilized by all relevant employees and stakeholders.

Do I Need a NetSuite Rescue?

First, it’s important to discern between needing a NetSuite Rescue and general NetSuite consulting. If you have room for improvement, want more functionality, or are wasting time on manual processes to name a few, general NetSuite consultants will be able to get you where you need to be.

If you feel that you have significant holes in your NetSuite instance causing roadblocks in the normal course of business, or that major requirements laid out in the scope of your implementation were not met, you’re in need of a NetSuite recovery mission.

Some warning signs of a failed NetSuite implementation include:

Incomplete Data Migration

Migrating your data from the legacy system is an essential and sensitive step in any ERP implementation. Missing or incorrect data can cause serious operational headaches and need to be addressed immediately.

Improper Configuration

You’ll need NetSuite to be tailored to fit your organization in order to achieve maximum ROI. If the system was not initially setup to perfectly fit your business requirements, you’ll lose out on key efficiencies, visibility, and functionality.

User Adoption Issues

Your employees are your most valuable resource. If they’re struggling to get up and running on the new system, or refusing to utilize certain features, you risk decreased performance and lower employee morale.

Data Silos

One of NetSuite’s key value propositions is the ability to have a single source of truth amongst your data. If you have other pieces of software that have not been integrated with NetSuite or are still utilizing spreadsheets, you risk performing manual data entry, duplicating efforts, and having incomplete/incorrect data in different systems.

If any of these issues are currently plaguing your business, a NetSuite rescue may be in order to ensure that the platform is meeting your business needs.

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During a NetSuite Rescue, What Will a Solution Provider Do?

While different situations will call for different approaches to rescuing your NetSuite instance, there are few key steps that a NetSuite Solution Provider will take to get you back on track.

  1. Assessment – A deep-dive into your current NetSuite environment and the pain points being experienced will allow your NetSuite Solution Provider to formulate a rescue plan.
  2. Planning – Once the gaps or areas of improvement have been identified, they’ll put together a detailed project plan and statement of work.
  3. Configuration – The Solution Provider will begin the reconfiguration of the struggling aspects as defined in the project scope.
  4. Data Migration – Any unmigrated data will be brought into the platform. There may be customizations needed to properly manage the data if it were previously being manipulated in spreadsheets or other systems.
  5. User Acceptance Training – In order for your ERP to provide value, it requires your employees to operate it properly. Your NetSuite rescue team will train employees on the new system and processes, ensuring that user adoption is at an acceptable level.
  6. Ongoing Support – As you and your employees work in the system, areas for improvement may become apparent. Having a partner that you can quickly reach out to is essential. Your Solution Provider should offer ongoing support for the system so you never miss a beat.

NetSuite Rescue & Recovery: Conclusion

ERP implementations are projects that you want done once and done right, and going through the lowest cost provider is often more expensive in the long run. If you ran into trouble during your NetSuite implementation, you’ll want to get in contact with an industry leading Solution Provider to mitigate the issues ASAP.

As one of the top NetSuite Solution Providers globally, ScaleNorth sees our fair share of NetSuite rescue missions. Our best-in-class consultants have the technical and financial knowhow to get your NetSuite ERP instance where it needs to be so you can focus on revenue generating activities. If you think you need a NetSuite recovery or other optimization projects, contact ScaleNorth today.

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