Best ERP Software for Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

NetSuite’s Life Sciences ERP Solution

NetSuite for Life Sciences Companies

NetSuite ERP is the go-to choice for small & medium pharmaceutical and life science companies. It caters to integrated financials, fund management, supply chain, inventory, quality control and manufacturing in a SaaS cloud-ERP package, eliminating countless spreadsheets and deficiencies of QuickBooks or other on-premise options.

NetSuite ERP enables life sciences, biotech and pharmaceutical businesses to spend less time on activities like inventory management or the month-end close and more time on revenue generating activities.

  • NetSuite provides an integrated view of core business operations, comprehensive financial management, robust real-time reporting and analytics, unprecedented integration capabilities, and more via a single fully-integrated cloud-based system.

  • Powering over 31,000+ organizations, NetSuite enables life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and biopharma firms to scale their business performance, gain transparency into their business in real time and reduce complex processes.

  • Considered as the top pharmaceutical ERP software in the market, NetSuite standardizes lot control and compliance, enables multiple entity management and consolidation, gives real-time, accurate visibility into inventory, assembly, and supply chain management.

  • NetSuite allows pharmaceutical organizations to streamline the production process and maintain regulatory compliance, while getting on the right track for future acquisitions and IPOs.

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Why NetSuite for Life Sciences?

Process Automation

Decrease manual efforts by automating key business processes and repetitive tasks within NetSuite. Quickly close the books, automate financial controls, and streamline operations so you can focus on generating revenue.


An effective life science ERP system needs to adapt to life cycle phases such as going from R&D to having a marketable product to undergoing an IPO. NetSuite scales and adapts every step of the way.

Grants & Funding

NetSuite is preferred by grantors due to its audit capabilities, and is attractive to Private Equity investors. Life science firms running NetSuite have a better change of securing funding and investor interest.


With NetSuite, life science businesses can enjoy customized and role-specific dashboards, reports, saved searches and more to help you track KPIs, manage projects, and attract investors.


NetSuite is a true-cloud ERP system making it accessible anytime, anywhere. It’s the perfect solution for businesses with complex operations or intentions to expand globally.

Supply Chain

Get real-time visibility into supply chain, inventory, and assembly while enjoying robust lot control, streamlined procurement, and customizable workflow routing.

Used by more than 31,000 customers, NetSuite helps life sciences organizations to improve visibility and remain agile while enjoying superior manufacturing resource planning and better supply chain management.

Features of NetSuite for Life Sciences:

  • Advanced Finance & Accounting

  • CRM

  • Human Capital Management

  • Batch & Lot Tracking

  • Regulatory Compliance Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Process Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Documentation Handling

  • Shop Floor Control

  • Procurement

  • Planning & Scheduling

Best Pharmaceutical ERP Software

ScaleNorth is a premier NetSuite Solution Provider that provides NetSuite sales, implementations, customizations and more. We’ve helped a number of pharmaceutical and biotech companies decrease overhead, simplify manufacturing operations, optimize the back office and fortify their bottom line by adopting NetSuite.

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