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ScaleNorth is a NetSuite implementation partner, and one of the best NetSuite Solution Providers in the nation. We sell, implement, and optimize the world’s leading cloud-based ERP.

Implementing new ERP software can be a complex process; Our project approach and methodology has been developed to get NetSuite implemented as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our team of experts boast a 100% implementation success rate, and are the white-glove NetSuite implementation partner of choice.

Whether you’re ready to begin a NetSuite ERP implementation, or are in the process of vetting ERP options, our NetSuite implementation consultants can help.

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What does ScaleNorth provide?

Solutions Architecture

  • kWe partner with our clients to create the right solution with an emphasis on future growth and strategy. Our solutions consultant will help you envision the ideal ERP architecture for your business.

High Touch Implementations

  • UWe know that it takes more than technical knowledge to implement NetSuite to drive tangible results. We partner every step of the way with you in a very fluid, responsive, and transparent manner.

Fast Implementation Methodology

  • 9Leveraging our proprietary methodology and NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess approach, ScaleNorth offers streamlined and low-risk NetSuite implementations.

Data Conversion

  • ScaleNorth’s team of NetSuite Implementation data specialists will convert complex data from spreadsheets, accounting platforms, or other ERPs into NetSuite. We’ll preserve your historical insights and protect your sensitive data, no matter which platform you’re moving from.


  • ScaleNorth’s consultants are NetSuite integration specialists. Utilizing pre-built integrations, Integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS) like Celigo, or custom built integrations, we’ll create that single version of the truth that is critical to managing your business. View our tech partners.

NetSuite Support

  • Our NetSuite consultants are heavily certified and have several years of progressive consulting experience. When you undergo a NetSuite implementation with ScaleNorth, you’ll get access to post go-live support from a top-tier NetSuite consulting firm.

Consolidated Data

  • Our NetSuite implementation methodology ensures that you’ll enjoy a single source of truth in your data. By avoiding data silos, you’ll be avoiding unnecessary manual data entry, lags in reporting times, and clunky APIs.

Improved Reporting

  • Our team of consultants and CPAs will configure and optimize dashboards and reports, so you’ll have unparalleled visibility into KPIs, operational efficiency, and financial performance.

Easy Scalability

  • &NetSuite scales with businesses ranging from a few million in revenue per year to Fortune 100 companies. ScaleNorth will implement NetSuite in a way that allows for easy scaling and flexibility.

How long does it take to implement NetSuite?

NetSuite implementations can vary drastically in timelines and scope. However, many NetSuite customers see an average of three months for a successful NetSuite implementation, which is much shorter than the ERP industry standard of a year and a half.

Factors such as the requirements of your business, the existing software you need to integrate, your internal employee availability,  and how much customization is needed will all affect the timeline and scope.


83% reduction in implementation time
compared to the ERP industry standard.

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Signs your business is ready for a NetSuite implementation

  • Aggressive revenue targets
  • Industry specific operational and accounting requirements
  • PE funding or liquidity event
  • Outgrowing existing tech stack
  • International operations, franchises, or other complex structures
  • QuickBooks not cutting it

ScaleNorth’s NetSuite Implementation Process & Timeline

Project Planning
Project Planning

We’ll work with your team to identify the current state of your data, the ideal state for going live on NetSuite, and how we’ll get from A to Z. This phase of the NetSuite implementation will involve discovery, scoping, and solutions architecture.

System Design and Configuration
System Design and Configuration

Based on the agreed upon requirements and vision, ScaleNorth’s team of NetSuite implementation consultants with setup, configure, and optimize NetSuite.

Data Migration
Data Migration

Whether you’re migrating off of spreadsheets, QuickBooks, or any other collection of systems, we’ll take a secure and low-risk approach to migrating your data to NetSuite. We’ll preserve historical data and adhere to strict security standards.


To ensure a successful go-live, we’ll work with your team to ensure that all key aspects of the NetSuite implementation are set up and working properly including dashboards, workflows, integrations, logic and more.

User Training
User Training

To ensure a successful go-live, we’ll work with your team to ensure that all key aspects of the NetSuite implementation are set up and working properly including dashboards, workflows, integrations, logic and more.

Go Live
Go Live

The time has come! We’ll get your business live on NetSuite while ensuring a seamless transition from the old system.

Post-Implementation Support
Post-Implementation Support

Post go-live, your team might identify areas for improvement or optimization that were not identified in the project planning phase. Our NetSuite consultants can provide any post-implementation support to get you exactly where you need to be.

ScaleNorth’s NetSuite Experience

Bob Scott's Top 100 VARs Winner
2022 NetSuite BPO Partner of the Year
2022 VAR Stars recipient.

We are white-glove NetSuite implementation partners and business people.

Our team is deeply experienced in NetSuite implementations, integrations, reporting, customization, and problem solving.  We are also business people who develop business solutions with NetSuite technology so that our clients can grow and capitalize on what comes next for their businesses.

Team Members

NetSuite Certifications Held by Staff


% of Staff with CPAs

Years of Collective NetSuite Experience

Average Years of NetSuite Experience

What Is A NetSuite Implementation Partner?

NetSuite implementation partners are highly knowledgeable about NetSuite, information technology, and business processes. NetSuite ERP implementations are complex processes that should be trusted in the hands of professionals, rather than cutting corners and performing the NetSuite ERP implementation in-house.

ScaleNorth is a leading NetSuite implementation partner specializing in various industries including Life Sciences, Professional Services, Financial Services, Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, eCommerce, and more.

We boast a 100% implementation success rate.

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NetSuite Implementation Overview

A NetSuite implementation is the process of setting up and configuring the NetSuite software to meet the industry-specific needs and requirements of a business that includes tasks such as customizing modules, integrating with other systems, and training users on how to use the software effectively.

Simply put, NetSuite implementation refers to the process a company goes through to install, set up, and use NetSuite ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. A NetSuite Implementation is typically completed by certified NetSuite consultants, NetSuite developers, and NetSuite partners working closely with key decision-makers at the company that is implementing NetSuite software.

NetSuite Implementation FAQs

ScaleNorth is your preferred NetSuite Implementation Partner.

We have deep experience in systems implementation and business transformation from small to Fortune 500 companies. Our passion is to enable our clients to drive meaningful results in their businesses. To learn more about our processes and the average cost of NetSuite implementation, click below to get started!

Can ScaleNorth really implement NetSuite in 100 days?

We have implemented NetSuite in as little as a few weeks but it depends on the complexity of the implementation.  We find we can launch most businesses in 100 days.

How does ScaleNorth manage implementation risk?

We ensure that our clients understand upfront NetSuite’s capabilities and collaborate on a comprehensive and phased solution.  Throughout the process, we communicate frequently with our clients.

Why in this uncertain economic environment should we consider NetSuite?

NetSuite is 100% cloud-based and allows you to operate your business anywhere.  Our clients are uniquely positioned to adapt to changing circumstances and have a world-class support network to support their businesses.

How do I know if NetSuite is right for me?

36,000+ organizations across the globe utilize NetSuite as their operational and financial system.  We started this business to help companies achieve what we achieved as former NetSuite clients.

How does ScaleNorth deal with unique business requirements?

NetSuite’s advantage over other ERP systems is its flexibility to be molded and adapted for unique business requirements.  We have built customizations in NetSuite for a wide range of unique requirements.

How will I get my people to adopt NetSuite and take advantage of its capabilities?

ScaleNorth’s implementation methodology for NetSuite focuses on change management starting on the first day of any project.  We train the core client team before starting configuration and work to identify and address concerns during the entire project.

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