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Authorized NetSuite Sales, Licensing, and Implementations

ScaleNorth Provides NetSuite Sales & Licensing.

As a certified NetSuite Solution Provider, ScaleNorth is an authorized NetSuite sales partner. Not only can we provide NetSuite licensing, but our team of certified NetSuite consultants can tailor NetSuite to your exact specifications so your business can hit the ground running on the world’s leading cloud-ERP.

If you’re migrating from another ERP or accounting software, our experts can safely and efficiently migrate your legacy data from the old system to NetSuite.

Our team consists of certified NetSuite consultants and CPAs who not only understand the platform, but have a deep understanding of data migration strategies, system architecture, finance, and accounting.

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Why Buy NetSuite from a Solutions Provider?

We Go Beyond NetSuite Sales

When deciding on where to buy NetSuite from, consider this: 30% of a successful NetSuite implementation has nothing to do with NetSuite. Integrations with your tech stack and migration of your legacy data are key components of a successful NetSuite implementation.

Not only does ScaleNorth provide NetSuite sales, but our team consists of CPAs and certified NetSuite consultants who are experts at migrating and managing your complex data, customizing your NetSuite instance to perfectly fit your organization, and providing ongoing support post go-live.

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Team Members

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How Does the NetSuite Sales Process Work?

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We’ll schedule a live demo of NetSuite for your team, gather project requirements and gain an understanding of your business needs.

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Both parties enter into agreement, and the NetSuite licenses are issued to your company.

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ScaleNorth implements NetSuite, integrates it with your existing tech stack, and tailors it to your business needs.

Achieve Transformative Results

A recent study by SL Associates showed drastic improvements by companies in the months following a successful NetSuite implementation.


Increase in Organizational Visibility


Less Time to Close the Books


Increase in Order Process Efficiency


Less IT Support Services Needed

NetSuite Sales FAQS

ScaleNorth is your preferred NetSuite Sales Partner. 

We have deep experience in systems implementation and business transformation from small to Fortune 500 companies. Our passion is to enable our clients to drive meaningful results in their businesses. To learn more about our processes and a NetSuite implementation cost, click below to get started!

How long does a NetSuite sale & implementation take?

It is typical for us to have clients up and running within 100 days of initiating the conversation.  

How does ScaleNorth protect my business during this process?

We thoroughly document business requirements and project scope to make sure we’re 100% aligned. Your data is handled by certified NetSuite consultants and CPAs who have a profound understanding of data migration strategies and bests practices.

Why in this uncertain economic environment should we consider NetSuite?

NetSuite is 100% cloud-based and allows you to operate your business anywhere.  Our clients are uniquely positioned to adapt to changing circumstances and have a world-class support network to support their businesses.

Will NetSuite work for my business?

36,000 businesses ranging from small local companies to Fortune 100’s utilize NetSuite. NetSuite is extremely customizable, and can fit any business no matter how unique or complex it is.

My team doesn't have experience with NetSuite, will that be a problem?

Part of ScaleNorth’s strategy is to train core members of your team on everything they need to hit the ground running. We’ll make sure you have all the tools and resources you need to thrive on day one.

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ScaleNorth is one of the leading NetSuite Advisors in the Nation.  Attention to detail and the customer experience are top of our priority list.  NetSuite is a very powerful business tool. With the right direction you can utilize all that NetSuite Cloud ERP offers.  Combining NetSuite with other tools like Avalara, MSI, Trinet, Celigo and SPS Commerce will set you ahead of your competition.  ScaleNorth is not limited to these applications. Contact us today to discuss implementation of your current software with NetSuite.  

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