QuickBooks to NetSuite Migration

Let CPAs and Certified NetSuite Professionals Make Your Move to NetSuite

Outgrown QuickBooks?

Many ScaleNorth customers started with QuickBooks, the financial system of choice for basic accounting needs.  But as businesses grow, a number of factors drive the need for a migration plan:

  • Too many spreadsheets and disconnected systems to operate the business.
  • Need for a comprehensive system beyond the accounting department.
  • Private equity or capital infusion which increases reporting and transaction complexity. 
  • Delays on month-end closing and financial reporting.
  • Growth, new subsidiaries or international expansion.

NetSuite vs QuickBooks

Once you’ve made the decision to convert from QuickBooks, NetSuite is the choice for leading businesses and financial leaders.  Here’s why:

  • Functionality:  NetSuite has robust support for dozens of industries and functional departments.
  • Scalability: NetSuite is the last financial system your company will ever need.
  • Cloud-based: NetSuite is the leading Cloud ERP in the world.
  • Customization:  Built-in search and filter tools, advanced scripting, and API integrations to the industry-leading add-ons.
  • Business Intelligence: Start with dozens of pre-built dashboards to give you instant visibility across your organization.
  • Proven Path: Over 40% of NetSuite’s customers converted from QuickBooks.
migration from quickbooks to netsuite

ScaleNorth Will Tailor a
QuickBooks to NetSuite Plan For You

We partner with our clients to understand your long-term growth and strategy before we begin. Your dedicated project team is not only NetSuite Certified, they have a business and finance background (CPAs) and speak your language, not technospeak. 

Through our proprietary implementation methodology, we can quickly go from zero to cloud in 100 days or less so you can realize business value immediately. We leverage:


  • SuiteSuccess preconfigured leading practices gained from 1000’s of deployments.
  • Phased deployment options with minimum customizations.
  • Focus on early training and change management before configuration begins.

NetSuite’s BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)
Program as a Migration Strategy


  • Under the BPO solution ScaleNorth can bundle NetSuite operations and accounting resources so you can focus on your core business.
  • Provides Quickstart option to migrate from QuickBooks with reduced license fees.
  • With ScaleNorth as your outsourced partner, you’ll reduce operational, training and accounting admin costs.
  • Transition to your own license at any time without implementation costs.
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