How to Get the Number of Weekdays in a Given Month in NetSuite

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Suite Guides

In today’s NetSuite guide, we will share a saved search showcasing how to get the number of weekdays in a given month. This saved search can help in determining how many weekdays in a month.

How to Calculate Weekdays in a Month

Sample Use Case:

This saved search is beneficial for companies operating on weekdays only, and want to see their monthly sales in a more concise manner – a daily sales report. The desired formula is to divide the sales quantity/amount by the number of days they are operational in a given month.

Undeposited Funds netsuite

How to build the Saved Search

1. Create a Transaction Saved Search with the following Standard Criteria:

  • Type = is Sales Order
  • Main Line = is true
  • (Optional) Date = use this to limit the data you want to see. E.g. “within this year”

2. Set the following in the Results tab:

Field Summary Type Function Formula Summary Label
Date Group Month Month
Amount Sum Amount
Formula (Numeric) Group to_char(last_day(trunc({trandate})),’DD’)-((trunc(last_day({trandate}),’IW’)-trunc(trunc({trandate},’MONTH’),’IW’))/7*2)-(decode(to_char(last_day(trunc({trandate})),’D’),1,2,7,1,0))+(decode(to_char(trunc({trandate},’MONTH’),’D’),1,1,0)) No. of Days
Formula (Currency) Sum {amount}/(to_char(last_day(trunc({trandate})),’DD’)-((trunc(last_day({trandate}),’IW’)-trunc(trunc({trandate},’MONTH’),’IW’))/7*2)-(decode(to_char(last_day(trunc({trandate})),’D’),1,2,7,1,0))+(decode(to_char(trunc({trandate},’MONTH’),’D’),1,1,0))) Sales per Day

Note: You may add additional fields that you want to see whenever you drill down on the Saved Search.

Wrapping Up

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