One of the common problems encountered by companies that track inventory of items in their NetSuite account are instances where the item quantity on hand results to a negative inventory number. In this Suite Guide, we’ll show you how to prevent negative inventory in your NetSuite account by using the Enhanced Validations and Defaulting SuiteApp.

In the item sample below, the initial quantity on hand was at 10. However, a standalone invoice was entered for 12 quantities resulting in a negative two (2) quantity on hand.

NetSuite negative inventory
Negative inventory NetSuite
Negative inventory NetSuite

This usually happens when deducting inventory transactions such as item fulfillments, standalone invoices, or negative inventory adjustments are entered for quantities more than the quantity on hand of the item. While there are best practices to prevent negative inventory or underwater sales in your NetSuite account as discussed in SuiteAnswers 28074 – Avoiding Underwater Inventory, the Enhanced Validations and Defaulting SuiteApp (Bundle ID = 213294) offers NetSuite users a supplemental approach to validating transactions to prevent negative inventory.

The following are the main features of this SuiteApp that can be used individually or in combination with the other features:

  1. Negative Inventory Validation – Provides warning to users if a transaction entered is more than the quantity on hand of the item and thus would result in a negative inventory. Users will not be able to add the item and save the transaction if the Prevent Negative Inventory preference is enabled.
  2. Item Set Validation – Allows company to group items into different categories and have certain restrictions if the items can be sold to a specific group of customers.
  3. Default Discounts – Provides the ability to have a main-line level discount for certain customers.

The Enhanced Validations and Defaulting SuiteApp is a public bundle and can be installed in your NetSuite account without the need to purchase or request provisioning.

In this article, we will illustrate the setup and how the Negative Inventory Validation works to prevent negative inventory in your NetSuite account:

Enable the Prevent Negative Inventory preference.

  1. Once the required features and bundle has been installed (see SuiteAnswers 86559 – Installing the Enhanced Validations and Defaulting SuiteApp for bundle installation steps), navigate to Setup > Company > General Preferences.
  2. In the Custom Preferences tab, Enhanced Validations and Defaulting section, mark the Prevent Negative Inventory checkbox.
  3. Click Save.
NetSuite negative inventory

Create Validation record.

  1. Navigate to Lists > Enhanced Validations > Enable Validations > New.
  2. In the Enable Validations/Default Discount page, set Transaction Validation Type field = Negative Inventory Validation.
  3. In the Transactions with Validation/Default Discount section, select the transactions where the Negative Inventory Validation will apply:
  4. Click Save.
Prevent negative inventory netsuite

Sample Transaction Flow:

  1. Create a standalone Invoice.
  2. In this illustration, we will use an item with quantity on hand of 10:
Avoid negative inventory netsuite

3. Enter an Invoice for 15 quantities. Note that the pop-up warning indicated that the stock is not enough to create the invoice. In this illustration, user will be prevented from adding the line item in the invoice as the quantity entered is greater than the on hand quantity of the item.

Wrapping Up

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