Top 5 Signs Your Business Needs ERP Software in 2023

by | Jul 18, 2023 | NetSuite

The end-of-month financial reconciliation is taking longer and longer. Your sales projections are based on educated guesses rather than complex data. Your company needs help with its order volume, so customer satisfaction suffers. You have yet to learn how many goods you have in your warehouse; finding out is a pain. If this describes your company, or anything similar, it may be time to explore an ERP system.

Because every business is different, there is no single indicator stating, “You need ERP now!” However, the companies that would benefit the most from ERP software frequently encounter similar issues and frustrations.

In this blog post, ScaleNorth will discuss the top 5 signs that your business needs ERP software and why NetSuite is the best ERP solution on the market.

1. Your Business Processes are Disconnected

If your business processes are disconnected, it can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and delays. For example, suppose your sales team uses one system to manage customer data while your accounting team uses another approach to manage invoices and payments. In that case, getting a complete view of your business operations can be difficult. If gaining information and reporting on business performance has become an agony, it may be time to consider using an ERP system. Accurate data is vital for making critical business choices, and you must be able to generate this data with little manual input so that your personnel may focus on more important matters.

NetSuite ERP software can help solve this problem by providing a single, integrated platform for managing your core business processes. With NetSuite, all your data is stored in one place to get a complete real-time view of your business operations.

2. Your Business is Growing

Business growth is terrific, but it has its challenges. Growth means more consumers, staff, data, and, as a result, more complex operations. The changes frequently necessitate best-of-breed software systems to manage your business. Platforms will be necessary for CRM, accounting, HR, project management, inventory, reporting and more. When using individual systems to manage each of these functions separately, you run into issues with keeping everything integrated, correct, and up-to-date in real-time.

NetSuite is the best cloud-based ERP solution that can scale with your business, while giving you access to all the features and functionalities listed above. Whether adding new employees, expanding to new markets, or launching new products, NetSuite can help you manage all of your business operations in one place.

3. Your Business Struggles With Visibility

If your systems give you poor visibility into your business’s financial and operational health, it can be hard to identify the root cause problems or to identify areas of opportunity. Without real-time visibility into your finances, making informed decisions about improving profitability can be difficult. This is a common problem experienced by organizations using multiple point systems (i.e. Quickbooks for accounting & Salesforce for CRM, tied together with APIs or via manual data entry).

NetSuite’s 360-degree business software not only houses all of your data in one system, but has best-in-class reporting capabilities so your organization never skips a beat.

4. Your Business is Facing Compliance Challenges

If your business faces compliance challenges, keeping up with changing regulations and requirements can take substantial time and effort. Compliance violations can result in fines, legal action, and damage to your reputation.

NetSuite’s compliance management capabilities can help you stay up-to-date with changing regulations and requirements. With NetSuite, you can automate compliance processes, track compliance activities, and generate compliance reports to demonstrate compliance with laws.

5. Your Business is Using Multiple Software Applications

When different front and back-end systems run independently, it may cause chaos in the operations that are supposed to keep your firm running smoothly. Inventory management may need correct sales data, and a lack of up-to-date accounting information can have a knock-on effect on everything from marketing budgets to payroll.

ERP software like Netsuite connects various systems, allowing each company function to rely on a single database. With a single source of information, including reliable, real-time data, an ERP solution breaks down information silos, enables employees to make better decisions more quickly, and frees up their time to work on higher-value tasks such as assisting the business’s growth.

With NetSuite, you can eliminate the need for multiple software applications and get a complete real-time view of your business operations.

Why NetSuite is the Best ERP Software Solution

NetSuite is the best ERP solution on the market for several reasons:

  1. It is a cloud-based solution, meaning you can access your data anywhere.
  2. It is a scalable solution that can grow with your business.
  3. It provides real-time visibility into your business operations, so you can make informed decisions about improving your bottom line.
  4. It is an integrated solution that can help you eliminate the need for multiple software applications.

In conclusion, if your business is experiencing any distress signs discussed in this blog post, consider implementing an ERP solution like NetSuite. With NetSuite, you can manage all of your core business processes in one place, so you can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase profitability. If you want to learn more about NetSuite, ScaleNorth is here to help.

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