A Collection of Apps to Maximize Your NetSuite Instance

ScaleApps are applications and plugins designed to optimize your NetSuite instance and solve complex business problems.

As industry leaders in NetSuite implementations, customizations, and optimizations, ScaleNorth has a deep understanding of NetSuite and the diverse needs of its users.

NetSuite is an incredibly powerful tool with near endless functionality. However, we’ve discovered that certain industries have pain-points that could be alleviated by the creation of custom designed apps integrated directly with NetSuite.

Our ScaleApps can be found on NetSuite’s SuiteApp.com Marketplace.

a manufacturer simplifies processes with NetSuite

Our Current ScaleApps Include:

Construction for NetSuite

The Construction for NetSuite ScaleApp helps construction firms and related businesses manage AIA billing, project timelines, resources, costs, and more. Helps improve operational efficiency and improve your bottom line. Click below to learn about ScaleApp’s Construction for NetSuite solution.

Procore to NetSuite Connector

Another construction related app, ScaleApp’s Procore to NetSuite Connector integrates Procore’s construction management software directly with your NetSuite instance. Create real-time syncing between the two platforms, improve data integrity, and reduce manual labor.

Card Reconciliation

Card Reconciliation helps businesses collect credit card payments directly through NetSuite. Whether you’re using Shopify, Amazon, or another selling platform, Card Reconciliation allows for instant data synchronization into NetSuite. Process refunds, send invoices directly through NetSuite, and more.

NetSuite Dunning

Dunning is the act of asking customers for payments that they owe you. Our Dunning application allows you to quickly and easily manage these notifications to customers helping you retrieve lost revenue and keep your books up to date.


Using ScalePay, you can enjoy NetSuite credit card payments with lower processing fees, faster funding, real-time reporting, PCI compliance, best-in-class security and more.

Zoom Phone NetSuite Integration

Integrate Zoom phone with NetSuite for seamless outbound & inbound call management. One-click phone call directly from NetSuite, and quickly locate relevant contact records in NetSuite when receiving an incoming call.

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