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Outsourced Accounting & Operations for Emerging Companies

Our Outsourced Accounting Services

Note: This program is for companies who do not currently have NetSuite. If you are already operating on NetSuite, check out our Outsourced NetSuite Accounting webpage.

ScaleNorth’s CPAs act as your finance and accounting team, providing everything from basic bookkeeping to fractional Controller services. Whether you need a team to run your entire accounting department, or just fill gaps, our flexible approach allows you to access the right talent at the right price.

Our outsourced accounting services include:

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Back Office Admin Services

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Monthly Reconciliations

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Accounts Receivable/Payable

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General Ledger

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Audit Preparation

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Tax Preparation

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Controller Services

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Operational Support

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General Bookkeeping

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Reporting & Insights

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Monthly Close

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Transaction Support

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Journal Entries

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Cash Flow Reporting

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Accounting Automation

“We looked at the cost benefit of bringing someone onboard and building an internal team versus leveraging a company like ScaleNorth, and decided to take the BPO path.”

Willan Johnson | CEO @ VivoAquatics

Accounting services for small businesses by ScaleNorth

How It Works

ScaleNorth provides small businesses with accounting services utilizing the NetSuite platform. We’ll carve out NetSuite user licenses for your business, allowing us to run your accounting on NetSuite without the need to undergo a full NetSuite implementation.

We will then “lift & shift” your accounting from your current platform (i.e. QuickBooks) over to NetSuite’s powerful accounting solution so that our CPAs can run your needed accounting functions.

You’ll have a dedicated team of accounting experts that you can access via live chat, phone or Zoom, and email during normal business hours.

As an added bonus, select members of your team will get NetSuite access, so you can embrace the power of the world’s leading cloud-based ERP system without having licenses of your own.

Who It’s For

Is Your Business:

  • Operating on QuickBooks or another basic accounting platform?
  • Experiencing (or planning to experience) a growth trend?
  • Looking to streamline the accounting department?
  • In need of a scalable accounting solution?
  • Needing to bring on experienced accounting staff without the hefty price tag?

If you can answer “Yes” to one or more of the items above, ScaleNorth’s flexible outsourced accounting service for small growing businesses is right for you.

ScaleNorth's small business accountants are here to help

Why Outsource Your Accounting to ScaleNorth?


Quick Adoption

You’ll be able to quickly experience the power of outsourced NetSuite accounting without the need for a full migration to NetSuite.


Increased Performance

ScaleNorth’s accounting experts can utilize their NetSuite acumen to automate routine accounting processes, improve reporting, and simplify accounting & finance operations.



With low monthly minimums, our fractional accounting staff helps you decrease overhead and run your accounting & finance department more efficiently while scaling with ease.



You’ll be able to add or remove fractional accounting staff to accommodate tax season, growth phases, or other fluctuations in demand for accounting resources.

Your Partner In Growth

ScaleNorth goes beyond just outsourced accounting services. We have a robust network of partners in private equity, management consulting, fractional CFO services, technology and more. We can get you in touch with the resources you need to scale your business to new heights while providing strategic advisory services and implementing accounting best practices.

We level the playing field for growing small businesses by getting them on infrastructure typically reserved for mid-market firms, connecting them with the resources they need, and providing cost-effective and scalable outsourced solutions.

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About Us

ScaleNorth is an award winning accounting firm, and the 2022 NetSuite BPO Partner of the Year. We have over 200 employees (including 100 CPAs) on staff with broad industry backgrounds and areas of expertise. We serve as a strategic partner to help our clients improve visibility, simplify operations, and scale with ease.

Outsourced Accounting (BPO) FAQ’s

Do I need to have NetSuite licenses?

No! While ScaleNorth is an industry leading NetSuite accounting firm, the BPO program allows us to sublicense NetSuite and run the accounting functions of businesses that have not implemented NetSuite.

Will I need to implement NetSuite?

Getting your company setup for running accounting on NetSuite is a simple “lift and shift”. This is far less time intensive than a full-scale NetSuite implementation. This is a quick process that will allow our certified accountants to quickly take over your accounting functions while unlocking the power of NetSuite for your business.

Are there monthly minimums?

ScaleNorth’s outsourced accounting program aims to be accessible to all small businesses. Our accounting services have low monthly minimums and we’ll work with you to craft a cost-effective package that drives value for your business.

If I end up wanting a full-scale NetSuite implementation in the future, can ScaleNorth help?

Yes! ScaleNorth is one of the top NetSuite Solution Providers, and is authorized to sell, implement, and optimize the NetSuite platform. If we are already running your accounting through our BPO program, a full-scale implementation becomes much more streamlined for you and the team.

How quickly can you get started?

Our team can usually get up and running in a matter of days. The onboarding time is significantly less than the time required to hire internal accounting staff.

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