Hiding Buttons on NetSuite Forms

Today we’re going to talk about customizing or hiding NetSuite buttons that you’ll see on your transaction forms.

[The following is a transcription of the video]

So you have a set of NetSuite buttons up here along the top and then you have an actions menu with some certain items here. And so if you’re in the View mode of the invoice you see certain buttons and of course, if you’re in edit mode, you will see a different set of buttons.

This is a demo account so this is just all test data. So as you see, you get a different set of buttons and with your drop down to Save, Save and New, Save and Print, Save and Email.

But we want to go back to The View mode so just for this video let’s say for some reason you don’t want to authorize returns anymore or on this form for a particular set of employees you don’t want to authorize returns so you want to remove this button.

So if we go over here to Customize > Customize Form, it’s going to open up this form that you’re viewing. Note: you can have many different invoice forms so you would have to go through each form and remove this button to authorize returns but let me open that up.

Here’s your custom transaction form, what you want to do is go into the Actions menu and here, you review all the labels and display as you’ll see the labels and if it’s a button or not so here we have Authorize Return it’s a button and it’s selected to show. If we uncheck that and for some reason we also want to take away somebody’s capability of making a copy of this invoice maybe you have some particular scripting going on that making a copy will break your scripting, you want you want the invoice to be created in a specific order from a sales order or you know whatever reason you just don’t want your users to make a copy, we can hide that. And as you see here the display is the menu. Here’s the menu and here are the buttons so let’s see if we take this form and Save and Edit. I always like to save and edit forms so that way it stays open so you can come back and make any other additional changes that you need to.

We’ll wait for this to complete and save. Let’s go back to the invoice and we will refresh as you see the authorize return button has been hidden and if we go to the actions menu make a copy has been hidden and so that is how you manage some of your forms and some of the actions that you allow your users to do within NetSuite. That’s it. That’s how to properly hide NetSuite buttons on forms.

Wrapping Up

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About the Author

Chris Emory is a versatile and accomplished IT professional with 20 years of experience in information systems and functional consulting. Chris has a wealth of experience as a NetSuite Expert and holds the NetSuite Administrator and SuiteFoundation credentials.