Working Together: A Deep Dive into the Next Technik and ScaleNorth Partnership

by | Aug 24, 2023 | NetSuite

At ScaleNorth, we pride ourselves on the quality and breadth of our partnerships to offer our clients the best possible solutions on the NetSuite platform. For the past few years, ScaleNorth has been partnering closely with field service software provider Next Technik to offer unparalleled value to clients, bridging the gap between technology and service excellence. 

The Motivations Behind the Collaboration 

The Next Technik and ScaleNorth partnership emerged from a shared vision of harnessing technology to transform how field service businesses operate. “ScaleNorth and Next Technik have been partners for more than two years, originally joining forces to bring the combined power of NetSuite and Next Service to more field service companies in North America.” said Annaliese Kloe, Next Technik CEO. Both companies recognized the pivotal role that technology would play in shaping the future of the field service ecosystem. This mutual understanding laid the foundation for the collaboration, setting the stage for the successful implementation, integration and optimization of NetSuite and Next Service to cater to field service companies in North America. 

Why ScaleNorth as a Partner? 

With Next Service being built on and for NetSuite, partnering with a leading NetSuite Solution Provider was an obvious choice. The partnership was strategically formed to leverage ScaleNorth’s extensive experience and proficiency in implementing NetSuite solutions. With a comprehensive and highly experienced NetSuite consulting staff, ScaleNorth brings a wealth of knowledge, ensuring optimized setup and integration of Next Service and NetSuite for customers. Further bolstering the collaboration, Next Technik and ScaleNorth have an ingrained culture of integrity, professionalism, and customer focus. “When we recommend ScaleNorth to a customer who may be struggling with their NetSuite implementation or need to take their use of the ERP system to the next level, we feel confident that we’re helping to build a value-based relationship,” said Jamie Boos, VP of Customer Experience at Next Technik. 

netsuite case study Leveraging Synergy: A Deep Dive into the Next Technik and ScaleNorth Partnership

Unveiling the Benefits: A Win for All Parties

The partnership between Next Technik and ScaleNorth is mutually beneficial to both parties as well as field service industry clients. With ScaleNorth providing NetSuite implementations, consulting, and outsourced NetSuite accounting services for a broad number of industries, we are in regular communication with clients and prospects who are a fit for the Next Service platform.

Today, members of ScaleNorth’s large and very experienced NetSuite consulting staff are certified to implement Next Service along with NetSuite, giving customers the advantage of working with one professional services team.” said Kloe. This certification enhances ScaleNorth’s credibility and empowers us with the technical prowess required to implement Next Service seamlessly. For Next Technik, the collaboration amplifies their ability to provide clients with holistic solutions combining Next Service and NetSuite. When Next Technik clients need NetSuite optimization work, or have gaps in their accounting department, Next Technik can refer ScaleNorth for the fractional support the client needs. ScaleNorth can augment the clients accounting team with outsourced NetSuite accountants or provide ad hoc NetSuite consulting services for optimization and customization projects.

Adding Value to NetSuite Field Service Customers 

The ultimate litmus test of any partnership lies in the value it delivers to customers. “Together, Next Technik and ScaleNorth ensure that field service customers benefit from fully optimized NetSuite instances.” said David Kern, Next Technik’s Vice President and General Manager, North America. Customers can now access a unique offering of services that bridge the gap between field service management and ERP solutions. This partnership empowers businesses to leverage the combined strength of Next Service and NetSuite, all under the guidance of a team that embodies professionalism and expertise in this sector.

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A Glimpse into the Future 

The future holds promise as the partnership between Next Technik and ScaleNorth continues to evolve. Together, we’re streamlining implementations and pioneering innovative solutions that drive industry growth. With a unified commitment to excellence and innovation, the partnership is a testament to what can be achieved when two companies come together with a shared purpose.

It showcases how the right synergies can drive innovation, elevate customer experiences, and better shape the landscape of the field service industry. This partnership is more than a merger of services; it’s a fusion of values, expertise, and a mutual passion for redefining what’s possible.

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