How to Make Saved Search Public in NetSuite

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Suite Guides

In today’s NetSuite guide, we’re going to discuss how to make a saved search public in NetSuite.

How to Make a Saved Search Public in NetSuite

  1. Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches or use the global search bar to find the saved search that you need to make.
netsuite saved search public guide

2. Edit the search. For this example, we are using – Overdue Invoices: 30+ Days(TEST).

netsuite saved search public

3. Tick the ‘Public’ checkbox.

If you’re using a custom role, the ‘Public’ field might be missing, you may reach out to your Administrator to add full permission to publish.

This box is available only to administrators and to other users with the Publish Search permission, a Lists type permission.

netsuite saved search public3

4. Click Save/Save & Run when you’re done. This is how to easily make a saved search public in Netsuite.

Note from NetSuite: By default, only administrators and a saved search’s owner (creator) can edit its definitions. Users can run and view results of a public saved search, but they cannot edit its definitions and resave it with the same name, unless the Allow Audience to Edit box is checked. Users can, however, edit the search and click the Save As button to save the search with a different name

Wrapping Up

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Prior to working as a Functional Consultant, Johaenna was with Banking industry and Support industry where she gained more knowledge on industry best practices as well as developed social skills that helped her become effective when dealing and communicating with clients globally. Johaenna holds the NetSuite Administrator, SuiteAnalytics, and Financial User certifications.

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