ScaleApp’s Card Reconciliation

Simplified Credit Card Payments for NetSuite

Card Reconciliation is the ideal solution for processing credit card transactions, performing reconciliation, and syncing NetSuite with selling platforms like Shopify or Amazon. It allows NetSuite users to simplify and streamline their invoices, sales orders, and refunds.

    • Sales Orders: Accept, cancel, or refund POS payments with ease. Do you take orders over the phone or have field personnel? Manually input credit card information securely into the app to process a payment.
    • Invoices: Need to send an invoice to a client? Simply send an invoice directly through the app, and the customer will receive it with a link to pay online with their stored payment information.
    • Refunds: Processing refunds is now easier than ever before. From NetSuite, simply locate the transaction and refund the customer with a single click. You can choose to refund them via token, credit card, or Shopify Pay.

netsuite card reconciliation app

Whether you take payments online, through the phone, or through POS systems, Card Reconciliation allows you to seamlessly manage these payments, sync data, process returns, and more.

Card Reconciliation is coming soon! Stay tuned for more info.

ScaleApps are applications built by ScaleNorth to help maximize your NetSuite instance. As certified NetSuite professionals, we help identify functionality gaps for certain industries, then patch over them with NetSuite integrated apps. ScaleApps are available directly on NetSuite’s Marketplace.